Tiktok Tests Function For Users To Restrict Content For Adults

TikTok tests function for users to restrict content for adults.

The new configuration is in trial period in the accounts of certain users.

Since its launch in 2017, the TikTok platform has gained remarkable popularity in the digital environment. Currently, it is one of the most downloaded applications and has millions of users in various countries around the world.

Tiktok Tests Function For Users To Restrict Content For Adults
Tiktok Tests Function For Users To Restrict Content For Adults

According to the specialized portal TechCruch, the platform is preparing a new function so that users can restrict their live broadcasts and that these are enabled only for adults . In this way, TikTok designed the ‘Adult Themes’ option, with which users will be able to restrict their direct by selecting the button “Only viewers over 18 years old can see your LIVE”.

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For now, the new feature is in a trial period and is only enabled for certain accounts. However, it is expected to be available to most users soon.

Additionally, TikTok warned that it will eliminate those direct for those over 18 years of age that violate the community guidelines , that is, the fact that they are “adult themes” does not open the door to the publication of explicit content . In this way, any publication that includes nudity, sexual activity and violence will be automatically banned by the platform.

Previously, TikTok had already announced that it would work to effectively section content based on the age of its users. So far, the algorithm prioritizes preferences based on each user’s activity, so age is now expected to play a role as well.

According to TechCrunch, TikTok users will also be able to choose the “maturity levels” in the content they want to see on the platform. This function is projected as a useful tool, above all, so that parents and guardians can pay more attention to the content consumed by minors.

TikTok trend banned in England

Several British cinemas banned access to teenagers in suits and ties who come to see the latest installment of the “Minions” saga, due to the uproar caused by some young viewers encouraged by a movement on TikTok.

Following the #GentleMinions trend, groups of teenagers in suit-ties - imitating the main character, Felonius Gru, and his iconic gesture - disrupted screenings of the film released on Friday in the UK, filming themselves and posting videos on social media that they went viral.

Due to a small number of incidents in our cinemas over the weekend, we had to restrict access to theaters in certain circumstances” , explained a spokesman for the Odeon cinema chain.

The Mallard, the only cinema on the Anglo-Norman island of Guernsey, stopped showing the film due to “incredibly wrong behaviour” by some groups.

The director of the cinema, Daniel Phillips Smith, explained to the BBC that these young moviegoers had “said bad words, thrown objects” and had fought with other spectators during the sessions.

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This animated film, which the production company Universal delayed two years due to the pandemic, explores the origins of the main character of the franchise who, since the first installment - Me, ugly and bad , in 2010 - has collected 3,700 million dollars at the box office , according to the specialized site IMDB, not counting the many derivative products.

Released on Friday in the United States, United Kingdom and China, the film goes back to the beginning of Gru, the unsuccessful villain of this saga who, as a teenager and surrounded by an army of minions, seeks to join a group of bad guys: the Vicious 6.

For its part, Universal approved of the outpouring of youngsters, tweeting: “To all who show up to the @Minions in suits: We see you and love you.”

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