10 Facts : John Cena Is Not American Speaks Mandarian

The cinema sometimes surprises us with people we thought would not be able to act credibly, and they end up shutting our mouths. 

Among them we can highlight a wrestler converted to an actor, and this time it is the turn of one well known to all: John Cena.

10 Facts : John Cena Is Not American Speaks Mandarian
10 Facts : John Cena Is Not American Speaks Mandarian

John Cena Web Story

The Prototype

As those who follow wrestling news will know, almost all the wrestlers there choose a nickname, and create a character with certain characteristics. Despite the fact that today we all know him by his name, John Cena started out by calling himself “The Prototype” , in a character that was supposed to be half human half machine, although he ended up abandoning it soon.

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2 He’s also a rapper

There is no doubt that John Cena, despite what some might believe, is a truly multifaceted man. That he also knows how to rap proves it. His album ‘You Can’t See Me’ sold over 143,000 copies in its first week . It reached number 15 on the Billboard 200 and number 3 on the Billboard US Rap Albums. Almost nothing.

3 Varied origins

John Cena is American, but as with many of them, he has quite varied ancestry. His father’s family appears to come from Italy, while his mother has French-Canadian and English ancestry . Although the surname Cena sounds like a nickname, the truth is that it is real, and it only confirms the Italian origin of his paternal family.

4 A tough childhood

Despite the fact that today seeing that imposing physique may seem unthinkable, the truth is that John Cena has spoken on some occasions about how he was a victim of bullying when he was little . However, he has always encouraged all those who suffer from it to move forward, and to be very proud of who they are.

5 bodybuilding

We do not know if Cena always wanted to dedicate himself to acting, what seems to be clear is that one of his professional goals for a long time was to dedicate himself to bodybuilding . If he had continued with it, the world of wrestling and cinema would have lost a very colorful character that, without a doubt, we love in the industry.

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6 Speaking Mandarin

Many times, we expect American celebrities to speak nothing but their own language, but sometimes some of them pleasantly surprise us by displaying their command of foreign languages. This is the case of John Cena, who speaks Mandarin , and even dared to give a short speech at a WWE event in China.

7 private cars

This interpreter not only likes to act and fight, he also has an outstanding hobby, although it is not exactly cheap. Cena loves the so-called “muscle cars” . They are sports vehicles, with a classic appearance and very striking. The actor can afford it, and that is why he has a car collection valued at a couple of million dollars.

8 High School Sweetheart

Wrestling fans are surely aware that John Cena had a long-term relationship with Nikki Bella for years. However, before he met her, the actor was really in love with her high school crush. Her name is Elizabeth Huberdeau, and they were together for 12 years. They got engaged in 2009, but finally broke up in 2012.

9 Infinity Wishes

You can say what you want about John Cena, but no one can deny that he is a really supportive guy. The actor loves to see smiles on children’s faces, which is why he has been collaborating for a long time with the Make A Wish foundation, with which he makes the dreams of sick children come true . In fact, he holds the record for most wishes granted, with over 500 on his personal account.

10 soccer dreams

Like many other people, John Cena had a dream of one day being able to play football professionally. Apparently he was pretty good, and went on to captain the Springfield College team . Soccer didn’t keep him long, however, and he moved to Los Angeles to pursue other kinds of dreams.

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    John Cena is really an inspiration. Strong yet gentle, renowned yet humble, and hated yet caring. We all can learn something from John Cena.

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