Whatsapp Will Allow You To Delete Messages That Are More Than 2 Days Old

WhatsApp will allow you to delete messages that are more than two days old.

The instant messaging app allows users to delete messages within an hour.

The WhatsApp company is currently working on changing the time limit users have to delete a message they have sent to other contacts and plans to extend it to 2 days and 12 hours on Android devices.

Whatsapp Will Allow You To Delete Messages That Are More Than 2 Days Old
Whatsapp Will Allow You To Delete Messages That Are More Than 2 Days Old

In that sense, the instant messaging application currently allows users to delete messages with a maximum period of one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds after sending them through the option ‘Delete for all’.

As verified by WABetaInfo in the new update of WhatsApp, launched through the Google Play beta program for Android, the company seeks to quintuple this deletion time limit and thus help users.

Specifically, some users of the WhatsApp beta have 2 days and 12 hours to delete a message , either for themselves or for the contacts with whom they have interacted.

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Likewise, and for the moment, the messaging application has made this feature available to some testers, so it is unknown when it will reach its entire user base.

It is not the first time that WhatsApp implements a similar measure in relation to the deletion of messages after a certain time, since it has recently carried out a series of changes in its group chats.

Now, group administrators will be able to delete a message for all participants, who will also know who has been responsible for deleting it through a notification.

The pandemic triggered the use of social networks by 27%

The French sociologist, GĂ©rald Bronner, through his book Cognitive Apocalypse , explains the way in which people are manipulated through social networks and other booming platforms, in the midst of the fury of the digital age. The author, in his native country, has sold more than 40,000 copies.

In his story, Bronner explains the influence of the information found today on the Internet, understanding that not all of it is reliable and accurate, and that, even today, various algorithms are used to alter it and result in the dreaded fake news.

Although in the past it was dreamed that science and technology would liberate the human being, now it is feared to be a victim of it, since the world spends six hours and 54 minutes surfing the Internet every day.

The specialist mentions that the information on the network has grown and that in modern times it is easier to access it. “In figures, the scope of the fourth revolution is surprising: in 2005 there were 150 exabit (data storage unit in a computer), in 2010 the figure rose to eight times more and in the last two years, 90% of the information available was produced”.

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In addition, he highlighted the importance of algorithms , especially in social networks. “On Facebook, the angry face attracts more attention and makes a message go viral. In addition, it has a coefficient of five over one like and on Twitter, false information spreads 70% faster than true information . The pandemic triggered the use of social networks by 27% and access in Latin America increased by 82%”.

Bronner mentions that in the digital market the quality of the product does not prevail, but those that are more satisfactory and impressive for the brain.

“In 2021, in one minute, 695,000 stories were shared on Instagram, 69 million messages on Facebook and WhatsApp and 500 hours of content on YouTube; It is worrying, because in the information market the best product does not prevail, but the most satisfying products for the brain, which also competes with intuitive thinking, plausibility, the fastest and most forceful, with access to all people with the interventions of their mobile devices as a tool to take photos and videos that go to social networks and chats and that generate a diversity of conversions at the same time among different groups of people. That’s what I call the cocktail effect.

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