8 Shocking Revelations That Christian Nodal Made To Rolling Stone

The regional music singer, Christian Nodal, gave an interview to the prestigious Rolling Stone magazine, where he revealed many details of his personal life.

Below we present you point by point, a summary of this interview, where he revealed things that will surely generate controversy.

  1. Nodal said that once he tried to take his own life by throwing himself into the void.

Nodal revealed that despite being in a fraternal family environment, from a very young age he had to endure hard times.

His mother suffered from epilepsy and his father had to shoulder his responsibilities.

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“There was no mom, there was no dad. Once I wanted to jump from a second floor, thinking that it would hurt me. But my grandmother saved me: “Christian! Kid Pen…!”

8 Shocking Revelations That Christian Nodal Made To Rolling Stone
8 Shocking Revelations That Christian Nodal Made To Rolling Stone

  1. Nodal said that it was very hard to see his mother suffering from epilepsy.

Nodal confessed that it was very hard to see his mother suffering from the illness that afflicted her.

“It was very hard to come home from school and hope my mom wasn’t having a seizure,” the singer said.

  1. Nodal Said He Attended a Mormon Church.

Nodal confessed that from very early on he sought refuge in religion. Furthermore, he said that he attended a Mormon church where he learned to play the trumpet.

“I had a great time there because I saw people heal, I felt God in music for the first time.”

  1. As a child, Nodal thought that all children knew how to sing just like him.

Nodal said that as a child he gave singing and music lessons to the children in his neighborhood, and that he was so innocent that he thought that all the children knew how to sing just like him.

“I grew up thinking that everyone lived that in his house, you know? I thought that everyone should sing too, that everyone made music.”

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  1. Nodal revealed that he will start doing cumbia and bachata.

Nodal revealed to Rolling Stone that in his next albums he will begin to experiment with all kinds of Latin genres.

“I want Latinos to feel proud of our sounds. I will start doing cumbia, bachata and of course tumbao”

  1. Nodal revealed that he did not have a cell phone until he was 16 years old.

Nodal revealed that they never bought him a cell phone at home until he was 16 years old.

“As a child I was always like very ingenious, I did not have video games, or anything like that. In my house we played hide-and-seek, quemones and spin”, said the singer.

  1. Nodal criticized Bad Bunny “for singing stupid things”.

Nodal spoke about the respect he has for different genres of music, but he had a sharp criticism of Bad Bunny.

“I also respect all genres, but sometimes I do know that even to sing and say stupid things you need to have talent. It would never have occurred to me to write something like, ‘If your boyfriend doesn’t f*** you up…’", said the singer

  1. Nodal revealed that now he likes to “think like a woman”.

Nodal confessed that now “he thinks more as a woman than as a man”, referring to the fact that he is more romantic and more sensitive.

“Notice that something new in me is that I like to think more as a woman than as a man. I don’t know whether to put it that way, but I like to think things through more deeply."

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