August 2022

Web Stories

This open source calculator has an exquisite design and allows programming in Python: this is NumWorks

Even though smartphones rule the world, graphing calculators still exist . And not only that, they are also still widely used by students e...

Rohan Mod 27 Aug, 2022 29

The Asian country turned into a dream of capitalism: 13% of its population will be millionaires in 2030

Singapore is not a country for the poor. The small Asian republic, in which buying a car costs as much as an apartment and which is home to ...

Rohan Mod 27 Aug, 2022 18

Apple has lost the appeal of the student laptop. The new MacBook Air is to blame

Year after year on these dates it is normal for all of us who are technology consultants to walk around the house (surely you too, dear Xata...

Rohan Mod 27 Aug, 2022 7

Sony increases the prices of its PlayStation 5 due to high global inflation

Prices increased “with immediate effect” in markets in Asia Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Canada. playstation 5 Th...

Rohan Mod 27 Aug, 2022 4