July 2013

Web Stories

Add Ribbon Effect Widget To Blogger For Special Custom Posts

Add ribbon effect widget to blogger for special announcement, Custom posts or to promote anything special. Normally this gadgets are used ...

Rohan Mod 30 Jul, 2013

3 Chat Widget For Blogger

3 online tools to add chat widget to blogger blog. Awesome chat and messaging application widget for blogger to interact with your audienc...

Rohan Mod 28 Jul, 2013

4 Blogging Tips To Get Backlinks From Social Media Users

4 Blogging tips to get backlinks from social media sharing users. Best Practical tricks to earn links from social media sharing websites. ...

Rohan Mod 22 Jul, 2013

2 Online Tools To Create Android Apps Of Your Blogger Blog

2 online tools to create android apps of blogger blog, a new widget for blogger blog. Solution for  how to make android apps of blogspot b...

Rohan Mod 20 Jul, 2013

Animated Image Galley Widget For Blogger With CSS Hover Effect

Animated CSS Image gallery widget for blogger that shows a description and link on image hover. Very beautiful and awesome CSS hover effec...

Rohan Mod 11 Jul, 2013

10 Types of Email Subscription Box Widget For Blogger

10 types of email subscription widget for blogger that are fast loading, stylish, professional and like WordPress. These beautiful gadgets...

Rohan Mod 10 Jul, 2013