5 Hidden Secrets About Hyun Bin

South Korean actor Hyun Bin is busy. 

He’s been exercising and sunbathing to bolster his image for Crash Landing on You character Ri Jung Hyuk (trusting co-star Son Ye Jin that he knows he looks good in his military uniform), and all that hard work is evidently paying off: he’s making fans’ hearts flutter every Saturday and Sunday when his popular tvN drama airs.

hyun bin
Hyun Bin

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Here are five interesting facts about main star Hyun Bin.

He is an introvert

The Korea Times describes him as “an actor of few words” who prefers to shy away from the spotlight. Hyun Bin told KBS World that, unlike Secret Garden’s Joo Won, his real-life personality is closer to his The Late Autumn character Hoon. “I’m more like Hoon because he keeps his thoughts inside and expresses his feelings in different ways.”

Hyun Bin Web Story

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He almost joined a rock band

Rock band Buzz revealed that Hyun Bin almost became their lead singer. The band’s vocalist Min Kyung Hoon joked on an SBS PowerFM show that the reason Hyun Bin was dropped from the band was, “because it’s just my singing style that fits Buzz’s songs.”

He reloaded while he was in the army

At the height of his acting career, Hyun Bin enlisted in the military and joined the Marine Corps. Less than a month before starting his national service, Hyun Bin told KBS World, “In my twenties, I spent most of my time analyzing the works and characters I had to play, but I just want to focus on the next two years. and I want to find my own world, the world of the human being named Kim Tae Pyung”, referring to his real name.

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Years after his enlistment, Hyun Bin described in an episode of Leaving Work with The Stars how he saw his time in the army as a way to recharge. “It was a time when I wanted to step away from my work and see myself objectively.”

He’s not a big drinker

On the same show, Hyun Bin admitted that he doesn’t have a high tolerance for alcohol. He can only consume a bottle or a drink and a half and turns red on his face and all over his body.

He is aware of what it means to be a Korean celebrity

In a 2017 interview with Soompi, Hyun Bin explained that there are times when he just wants to do his own thing, “I just want to do trivial and silly things, things I can do without worrying about other people’s eyes.”

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