Google Hangout Gone, This App Replaced It

The technology giant Google recently announced that it will not be available from November 2022, and from this week a notice will be issued to users of the platform, in which they will be asked to upgrade from Hangouts to Chat in Gmail or in the Chat section.

It is important to remember that the Android application had already been discontinued last March, so users will have to switch from Hangout to Gmail chat.

“While we encourage everyone to switch to Chat, Hangouts on the web will continue to be available through the end of this year. Users will see an in-product notice at least one month before Hangouts on the web starts redirecting to Chat on the web ,” the company said in a statement.
Similarly, those users who want to keep a copy of their data can use Google Takeout where the data will be saved before Hangouts ceases to exist.

"While we encourage everyone to switch to Chat, Hangouts on the web will continue to be available through the end of this year," the company said. - Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

The company also announced in recent days that it will merge two of its communication services, Duo and Meet, with the aim of offering a single platform for video calls and video conferences.

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Google Duo came to all devices in 2016 as Google’s new video calling app, and two years later, Google Meet for business accounts arrived.

However, at the end of April 2020, Meet stopped being specifically aimed at professionals and was opened up to all users to offer simultaneous conversations with up to 100 participants and no time limit.

In recent months, the company has added new features to Google Duo, such as group calls for up to 32 people, the option to add emojis and filters in conversations , and video calls on folding devices and other large screens.

Google Meet has also been integrating new features since it was opened to all users, such as a more intuitive interface, visual effects, live subtitles, and other sound settings.

Google has now announced that in the coming weeks it will integrate all Google Meet features into the Duo app so users can schedule meetings, according to a blog post.

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He also reported that later he will change the name of the Duo application to Google Meet, a service that will continue to be free for all users of the platform.

With the implementation of this single video call channel, all the history of Google Meet conversations, contacts and messages will be saved and users will not have to download the application again to access the service.

The tech maker said this update will bring Duo users enhanced features previously only available on Google Meet.

Among these capabilities are the customization of virtual backgrounds in calls and meetings, the programming of these and the implementation of chat during meetings, as well as the integration of subtitles to improve accessibility and encourage user participation.

It will also be possible to increase the number of members of the video calls up to 100 people and it will be possible to integrate with other tools, such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Messages and Assistant.

At the moment, the company has not established a specific date for the implementation of this unique platform nor has it determined which countries will be chosen to be able to enjoy it.

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