The dangers of charging the cell phone with a broken cable

Although it seems minor, it is something that can represent a danger to the user and the cell phone.

The cell phone charger is usually the device that wears out the fastest, and specifically it happens with the cables, since their poor storage leads to the fibers breaking in the part where the connectors are.

For this reason, the technology company equinux AG recommended that if this device is damaged, it is best to stop using it, for four reasons:

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1. The cell phone is being damaged: A cable in poor condition slowly damages the device, since wear does not allow electricity to flow correctly through the charging cable, which leads to the device having voltage spikes that damage the internal components.
2. The user’s safety is put at risk: The aforementioned voltage spikes can lead to the device overheating and causing a fire.

This, despite the fact that it occurs in few cases, led to some people suffering serious burns, or even death.

3. You can get an electric shock: Those wires that are exposed as a result of a worn cable jacket are volatile.

This is because the charging cable’s sheath is designed to protect against electrical currents flowing through it, so direct contact could cause a shock.

4. Children or pets could be injured: The aforementioned risks can be mitigated if you are aware of the risk you are running. But this does not happen with children and pets, whose curiosity could trigger an accident.

Likewise, the company explained that it is not a good idea to wait for the cable to break completely, but once it begins to deteriorate, it is best to change it.

European Union establishes agreement to adopt a universal charger for electronic devices

The countries of the European Union (EU) and the negotiators of the European Parliament announced on Tuesday an agreement to adopt a universal charger for smartphones, tablets and portable devices no later than the boreal of 2024, in a severe setback for Apple.

The regulations will impose a USB-C port for all these devices with the aim of limiting the toxic waste of thousands and thousands of cables of various formats, and defending the right of consumers, forced for now to accumulate various chargers.

The project had faced fierce opposition from tech giant Apple, which defends its Lightning connection and charging technology.

The legal regulation must still be formally ratified by the European Parliament and the 27 states of the block so that it can enter into effect.

The European Commissioner for Industry, Thierry Breton, stressed that the agreement was reached after just nine months of negotiations, and pointed out that "this means that we can move quickly when there is the political will."

The dangers of charging the cell phone with a broken cable

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In this way, the French official added at a press conference, "we have been able to tell the lobbies: ‘They are going to excuse us, but this is Europe and we are working for our people’".

Shortly before, on Twitter, Breton had pointed out that with the agreement "the general interest of the European Union has prevailed."

In a press release, the European Parliament noted that the project “is part of a broader EU effort to make products in the EU more sustainable, reduce electronic waste and make life easier for consumers.”

Thus, “consumers will no longer need a different device and charging cable every time they buy a new device, and will be able to use one charger for all their small and medium portable electronic devices ,” the note added.

Parliament also highlighted that the charging speed will be "harmonized for devices that support fast charging , allowing users to charge their devices at the same speed with any compatible charger".

The Maltese Social Democrat MEP Alex Agius Saliba, who headed the Parliament’s negotiating team, pointed out that “this is a rule that should apply to everyone”.

“If Apple (…) or anyone else wants to market their products, sell them in our internal market, they will have to abide by the rules and their device will have to have a USB-C port ,” he said.

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