Disney Mirrorverse: the game with worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar movies

Disney Mirrorverse: The Other Side of the Looking Glass is the new team action RPG from Kabam in collaboration with Disney and Pixar Games, which is now available for free download worldwide on iOS and Android devices.

The video game immerses users in a universe full of worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar movies, where they must assemble a team of guardians to defend themselves against the Fractured, an evil threat that aspires to invade the Mirror Universe.

These guardians that must be gathered are nothing more and nothing less than characters from the studio movies, such as Ariel, Scar, Sulley, Baymax or Maleficent, each with unique abilities . As the player progresses, the roster of Guardians will grow, offering more options for teaming up to three for real-time action combat.

In the game there are different protagonists of Disney- Photo: AP - Photo:

Disney Mirrorverse: On the other side of the mirror
includes a story mode that allows you to follow a narrative line with tasks and missions and, in addition, will give more paths to the main narrative, since every few months they will introduce secondary stories with heroes and villains.

Event Missions, meanwhile, allow you to participate in time-limited tasks that can earn unique characters, prizes, and progression items, while Alliance Missions introduce collaborative play to complete event goals and earn rewards based on your abilities. at the rank achieved, competing against other alliances.

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Disney Mirrorverse: the game with worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar movies

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In addition to these four game modes, players will also find the Tower of Difficulties, which will enable increasingly difficult encounters using a themed team of Guardians to earn progression items. Also the Dangerous Dungeons, where you can compete against other players and alliances in constantly changing dungeons.

The title is already available in the Apple and Google application stores in a free download mode with integrated purchases.

Not even gamers are safe from hackers, how to protect yourself?

The rise of eSports around the world was a phenomenon that nobody foresaw until a couple of decades ago, but thanks to relevant events such as the pandemic and confinement, they skyrocketed to such an extent that they took hold in the market and, as is popularly said : “they came to stay”.

According to the eSports & Live Streaming Market Report, by Newzoo , by the end of this year it will be possible for this industry to exceed 1,380 million dollars in revenue, something that undoubtedly attracts many eyes, including those of cybercriminals.

According to Lumen Technologies’ quarterly DDoS report , online gaming received 13% of the 500 largest cyberattacks. For this reason, this expert warns, it is necessary to take some precautionary measures so that the excitement of gaming does not end badly:

The first thing is to always use strong and unique passwords, since one of the easiest ways to protect yourself online is to ensure that passwords are different for each platform. You can even update passwords once a month.

Also take advantage of additional security and privacy options when available. These can be two-factor authentication to guarantee the identity of whoever claims to have the account.

“You have to go to reliable sources for downloads. It is important to avoid third-party plugins, illegal downloads, and cheat codes. Although they may seem like a good idea, the consequences always outweigh the promised benefits,” said Luis Carlos Guerrero.

Lastly, you need to manage your gaming profiles and treat them like normal social media feeds or profiles and keep in mind not to reveal any personal information that you consider sensitive and choose whether or not you want people to see your daily activity. .

*With information from Europa Press.

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