Is it good to charge the cell phone overnight? Here we tell you

Is it good to charge the cell phone overnight? Here we tell you.

Maintaining a proper charging habit can extend the life of your battery.

One of the first questions a user asks when purchasing a smartphone is how long the battery lasts. And it is that with the increase in functions and the development of new applications, the demand for this type of device has increased, as well as the daily hours of use.

Is it good to charge the cell phone overnight? Here we tell you
Is it good to charge the cell phone overnight? Here we tell you
There are myths and truths about the battery, since the device manufacturers themselves have pointed out that exposing them to extreme temperatures for a long time or not having a good charging habit reduces battery life.

And it is that this is an almost inevitable cycle, lithium batteries will age over time, which is why over time your device will last less time charged than when you bought it new from the factory.

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Both Apple, Samsung and Huawei inform their users that a prolonged charge, after the cell phone obtains a full charge, can affect the state of the battery.

Even Huawei points out that it is advisable to have the cell phone most of the time in an average battery that is between 30% and 70%, because every time it is taken to 100%, the phone will require more time and charge to achieve a complete state.

To have a better charging habit, you can make use of the built-in aids that the device has, with the guides or battery analyzes that the manufacturer’s applications have. You can also download certain kinds of apps that tell you when to plug in and when to finish charging, to extend the lifespan.

What to do to make the battery last longer?

These are the recommendations made by manufacturers so that you can make longer use of the smartphone:

  • Turn off unnecessary features to help conserve battery power and turn off unnecessary resources like GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth when not in use.

  • Five simple tips:

  • Decrease the screen timeout due to inactivity (30 or 15 seconds). • Lower the brightness and set it to automatic mode.

  • Do not use moving wallpapers.

  • Avoid network downloads, better use WiFi.

  • Enable power saving mode.

  • Take into account the charging time to ensure the best performance of your battery, always use original chargers and batteries. Since there are devices that require different levels of charging current, please use the original charger for your device model. Check the product manual for the charging current level of your devices and verify that it is the same as that of the charger you are going to use.

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  • Avoid wear and tear In case the battery has been used for a long period of time, it is better to change it with a new one. In case the device has a non-removable battery or the date of manufacture is missing, check the date of purchase.

If the battery is overcharged it can fail, this is true and you should not leave the cell phone charging for hours and hours, this can generate excess energy that can cause battery systems to fail. Mid-range and high-end cell phones report when they are fully charged, it is recommended to disconnect them at that time.

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