How to know if your partner tried to unlock your cell phone behind your back

Four applications offer information to the user to know if an intruder has been getting in where he shouldn’t; how do they work.
oday, your cell phone is perhaps one of the devices that has more information about you stored . Not only because your private conversations are there, but also because it probably has information about your bank accounts, among other content.

How to know if your partner tried to unlock your cell phone behind your back
How to know if your partner tried to unlock your cell phone behind your back

Because it is not possible to always have your cell phone in your sights, here we tell you about applications that can help you, through a photograph, to know which people are trying to violate your privacy. However, there are things that you have to take into account before seeing the list. First of all, many of these apps offer paid versions that come with various benefits, but usually work just fine for free.

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Also, although it seems very obvious, the applications will only work in the event of a failed attempt to enter the cell phone. In other words, it is not that every time someone approaches your phone, a photograph is left as a record of this, but they will only work when the code is entered incorrectly. You must bear in mind that, at the moment, most of these applications are only available for download on Android devices and that they are external to WhatsApp or to any operating system.


When you download it, you must give it administrator permissions so that it can work correctly. Lockwatch operates in such a way that when someone wrongly enters their lock code, it immediately sends a photo of the person taken with the front camera at the exact moment they try to enter the device to the email you provide.

In addition, it also sends the GPS location of your cell phone, so it is useful in cases of attempted theft or loss of the phone.

Third Eye

If you are a person who continually makes mistakes when typing your password and does not want to have hundreds of your images saved, this application is ideal. In Third Eye you can choose after how many wrong attempts you want the cell phone to take a picture of the intruder and it also offers a record of the hours in which it is unlocked correctly.

One nice thing about Third Eye is that the photos aren’t stored in your camera roll but in the app itself, so you don’t have to constantly delete images you don’t want to have.

crook catcher

This free application is quite similar to the previous ones and offers you to take pictures of whoever wrongly enters the code to unlock the cell phone.

In the same way, it notifies you by email of any failed attempt and sends you the image of the person who has been captured entering your cell phone. In this case, you can choose whether or not you want to receive the location of your device at the time of a failed login.

Selfie to the intruder

Like the others, this app also offers to take a picture of the person who tries to access your phone unsuccessfully and, although it does not have the option to give the location of the device, it offers something that the others do not.

Intruder Selfie can be synced with Google Drive so photos appear in a folder and you can view them from any other device . In the event that it is, for example, a robbery, this option can be very useful. In addition, it also offers the possibility to take a photo even when the password is entered correctly.


The application is available for download on both Android and iOS devices and, although it has a ‘premium’ option that includes more advantages when using it, the free version works quite well. According to the technology expert Andro4all , one of the advantages of WTMP is that it consumes very little energy, so it will not affect the way your cell phone works.

For the rest, the application works quite similar to the others and takes a picture of the person who makes a mistake when entering the code that unlocks their cell phone. However, according to the description for its version in the Apple store - where it has a score of 4.8 - it can also be set to sound an alarm if someone picks up the phone from any surface it is left on .

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