What does the emoji of the heart with a point below mean

In social networks, thousands of users use different emoticons and in most cases these have an unknown meaning; here we explain the interpretation of one of them.

original proposal came from Scott Fahlman of Carnegie-Mellon University . But, since massification, social networks have become very popular due to the “fun” way they have to interact with our friends, family or co-workers.

What does the emoji of the heart with a point below mean
What does the emoji of the heart with a point below mean

The variety of designs are designed to express an idea, an emotion or a feeling , which are currently unified in all social networks. There are some pictograms whose meaning is usually more obvious than the rest, which is why they are often sent to contacts without knowing their true interpretation.

A clear example of this is the red heart with a circle or point below in the same tone , which until now remained unknown among users. According to the Emojipedia website, a site specialized in the interpretation of emoticons, this design actually has several meanings, so it could be used in different everyday situations, but there is one that is “the official one” . The first and the “more accurate” version is that “it serves to express an exclamation.” This means that it can be used to express the feelings we have towards a person. It means that you can send or receive -as the case may be-, to know if someone loves you or not.

What does the emoji of the heart with a point below mean

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The red heart with a dot below actually has several meanings.

In this case, and according to the rules of grammar, the design of the emoticon works as an interjection. According to the interpretation that is made, the heart that is “elevated” executes the first part of the exclamation, while the point below it ends up giving meaning to a presumed word or phrase that expresses a feeling of admiration. “ Heart Exclamation [Heart Exclamation]” was approved as part of Unicode 1.1 in 1993 under the name Heavy Heart Exclamation Mark Ornament, and was added to Emoji 1.0 in 2015″, indicates the specialized site.

Although everything seems very romantic so far, the second option is that the emoticon can also have a somewhat more painful interpretation. The site indicates that the pictogram can be used as “a damaged heart” and the lower dot is related to “a drop of blood” , a less dramatic way of expressing that “it is destroyed” because it was rejected. Who didn’t happen to him?, right? The third and last virtual exegesis is that the emoji refers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, although this theory is the last one that arises, since it does not have the flames that represent the love of Jesus, the crown of thorns or the cross.

What does the emoji of the heart with a point below mean
What does the emoji of the heart with a point below mean

The meaning of the red heart with a dot below was revealed

For this reason, it must be clarified that each user can use the emoji to their liking and make their own interpretation of the design . Currently, almost all social networks, web platforms and applications have built-in emoticons that help people express themselves in a more fun way and take the formality out of words that, in most cases, usually bring some short circuit. with virtual partners.

Since emoticons began to become popular among people, the Unicode Consortium, an organization dedicated to the standardization of emojis, has been in charge of making them easier to read on various platforms, so that when a user sends one from an Android device to another with a tablet with iOS, the same design arrives and there is no error between the two .

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