Instagram tests a big change in posts, what is it about?

This Friday, July 1, Meta announced that it is working on a new option for Instagram, which seeks to convert all the videos that are published into ‘reels’, a tool that some users are already having access to.

According to information confirmed by the company to TechCrunch, the social network seeks to promote the ‘reel’ format, which consists of short 15-second videos in which you can make audio edits or apply different types of effects and filters.

With this change, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg plans to “simplify and improve the video experience” on Instagram, so that other users can discover and share this content, as a spokesperson recently pointed out.

Instagram Reels could become the strength of the social network. Photo; GettyImages. Photo: NurPhoto via Getty Images

As the consultant of its social networks, Matt Navarra, advanced through its official Twitter account, the social network now presents a notification through which it warns users that all video publications will be shared as ‘reels’ .

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Next, the characteristics of this option are detailed, which allows you to modify and improve the content with music, different effects and a wide variety of tools to be able to edit these videos to your liking.

In addition, thanks to this functionality, it became clear that any user can take a video and use its original audio to create a ‘reel’, as long as it has already been published in a public account.

Likewise, any other member of the social network will be able to generate a ‘remix’ with said ‘reel’ and download it. That is, in case the author of this reel does not deactivate this option.

In other words, if a user with a public account does not want other users, public or private, to be able to ‘remix’ their content, they can deactivate this option from the Settings section and thus shield the originality of their publications or content. However, these content creators will also have the possibility to deactivate this function individually, selecting who can or cannot use their reels in each of them.

On the contrary, for accounts configured as private, the ‘reels’ will only be visible to their followers , and they will not be accessible to other users whose follow request has been denied.

At the moment, it is unknown if Instagram plans to implement this modification soon, nor how many people are having access to this option, in the testing phase.

From TechCrunch they remember that this new company strategy comes just a few months after Meta revealed that the ‘reels’ now represent more than 20 percent of the time that people spend on the social network.

It also does so days after it began testing a new design for its ‘feed’ to offer content in full screen, with a style very similar to the one TikTok now offers.

“We want it to be easier”: what is the app ready for?

Instagram will begin testing a new design of its feed to offer content in full screen, very similar to the TikTok format, a movement with which it seeks to give greater prominence to the videos and images that are included in this section.

The company’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has announced the start of these tests through his Instagram account, in which he has shared a video in his Stories showing how the full-screen vertical layout of the feed works.

“We want it to be easier to discover content and connect with friends”, he has indicated in this demonstration, where you can see a video with the name of the user who has published it, followed by the description, at the bottom of the screen.

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