How much Does Lantite Exam Cost

The Licentiate of the Australian College of Educators (LANTITE) exam stands as a pivotal gateway for aspiring educators seeking professional recognition and licensure in Australia. However, embarking on this endeavor comes with a financial commitment that requires careful consideration. This comprehensive guide will delve into the intricate details of LANTITE exam registration costs, providing clarity and enabling aspiring teachers to plan their financial strategy effectively. For more detailed information on LANTITE exam strategies, effective strategies for Lantite are available, as well as insights into books for Lantite exam preparation.

How much Does Lantite Exam Cost
How much Does Lantite Exam Cost

Components of LANTITE Exam Costs

The LANTITE exam encompasses three distinct components, each incurring its own fees:

  1. Registration Fee: This non-refundable fee covers the administrative costs associated with registering for the exam. It varies based on the registration period and may be subject to early-bird discounts or late penalties.
  2. Assessment Fee: The assessment fee constitutes the primary expense of the LANTITE exam. It covers the evaluation of candidates' knowledge and skills against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. Additionally, information on how to pass Lantite exam can be crucial for success.
  3. Re-Assessment Fee (Optional): Candidates who do not achieve the required score on their initial attempt may opt for a re-assessment. This optional fee covers the costs of re-taking the exam.

Registration Fee Breakdown

The registration fee for the LANTITE exam is determined by the registration period and the applicant's membership status with the Australian College of Educators (ACE). The following table outlines the fee structure:

Registration Period ACE Member Non-ACE Member
Standard Registration $320 $400
Early-Bird Registration (at least 21 days prior to exam) $290 $370
Late Registration (less than 21 days prior to exam) $370 $450

Assessment Fee Breakdown

The assessment fee for the LANTITE exam is contingent on the mode of assessment chosen by the candidate. Candidates can opt for either the written or online delivery format. The fee structure is as follows:

Assessment Format ACE Member Non-ACE Member
Written Assessment $600 $750
Online Assessment $550 $700

Re-Assessment Fee

Candidates who require a re-assessment will incur an additional fee, which is determined by the mode of assessment chosen:

Re-Assessment Format ACE Member Non-ACE Member
Written Re-Assessment $300 $375
Online Re-Assessment $275 $350

Additional Costs

Beyond the core exam fees, candidates may incur additional expenses associated with preparation and support:

  • Preparation Materials: Study materials, such as textbooks, online courses, and practice exams, can range in price depending on the provider and the extent of support required. Learn how to book Lantite tests.
  • Travel and Accommodation: Candidates located outside of major metropolitan areas may need to factor in travel and accommodation expenses to attend the written assessment.
  • Professional Development: Some candidates may opt for professional development courses or workshops to enhance their knowledge and skills in preparation for the exam.

Financial Assistance Options

Recognizing the financial burden associated with the LANTITE exam, the Australian Government offers limited financial assistance options to eligible candidates:

  • VET Student Loans: Candidates enrolled in a vocational education and training (VET) program leading to the LANTITE exam may qualify for a VET Student Loan to cover the assessment fee.
  • Tuition Fee Assistance: Some universities and colleges may offer tuition fee assistance or scholarships to students enrolled in LANTITE preparation programs. For more information on the number of attempts to pass Lantite exam, click here.


Aspiring educators embarking on the LANTITE exam journey should carefully consider the financial implications and plan their budget accordingly. By understanding the various components of the exam costs and exploring potential financial assistance options, candidates can mitigate the financial burden and increase their chances of success in obtaining their teaching license. Stay informed about Lantite exam dates in 2024 and understand the implications of failing the Lantite exam. Once you've taken the exam, find out when Lantite results are declared.

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