When are Teacher's Exam LANTITE Results Declared?

The Licentiate of the Australian Council for Educational Leadership (LANTITE) is a nationally recognized professional credential for aspiring and practicing school leaders in Australia. The LANTITE exam, administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), is a rigorous assessment that evaluates candidates' knowledge, skills, and commitment to educational leadership. To obtain the LANTITE credential, candidates must successfully complete the exam and meet specific professional experience requirements. The declaration of LANTITE results is a highly anticipated event for candidates as it signals their progress towards achieving their professional goals.

Declaration of LANTITE Results Timeline

When are Teacher's Exam LANTITE Results Declared?
When are Teacher's Exam LANTITE Results Declared?

The declaration of LANTITE results typically follows a specific timeline that is set by ACER. While the exact dates may vary slightly from year to year, candidates can generally expect the following schedule:

  • Exam Administration: The LANTITE exam is typically held twice a year, in February/March and August/September.
  • Result Processing: After the exam administration, ACER requires approximately 8-10 weeks to process the results.
  • Result Declaration: LANTITE results are typically declared in late May/early June for the February/March exam session and in late November/early December for the August/September exam session.

Factors Affecting Result Declaration Timeline

It is important to note that the declaration of LANTITE results can be affected by several factors, including:

  • Exam Administration Delays: Unforeseen circumstances, such as technical difficulties or disruptions, can occasionally delay the administration of the LANTITE exam. This may subsequently impact the result declaration timeline.
  • Result Verification: ACER ensures the accuracy and integrity of LANTITE results through a rigorous verification process. This process involves reviewing answer sheets, validating scores, and addressing any potential discrepancies. The duration of the verification process can influence the overall result declaration timeline.
  • Administrative Delays: Delays within ACER or other administrative bodies involved in the LANTITE assessment can also contribute to variations in the result declaration schedule.

Accessing LANTITE Results

Candidates can access their LANTITE results online through the ACER website. To do so, they will need to log in to their ACER account using their unique login credentials. The results will be available in a secure online portal, and candidates can download and print their results for future reference.

Notification of Results

ACER typically notifies candidates via email when their LANTITE results are available. The email will provide instructions on how to access and download the results online. Candidates are advised to check their email regularly, including their spam or junk folders, to ensure they do not miss any important notifications regarding their results.

Understanding LANTITE Results

LANTITE results are reported in the form of a scorecard that provides detailed information about the candidate's performance in each of the exam domains:

  • Leading Self
  • Leading Others
  • Leading Teaching and Learning
  • Leading the School

The scorecard also includes an overall score that reflects the candidate's overall performance on the exam. Candidates must achieve a minimum overall score to be eligible for the LANTITE credential.


The declaration of LANTITE results is a significant milestone in the professional journey of aspiring school leaders. By understanding the result declaration timeline and accessing their results promptly, candidates can plan their next steps towards achieving their LANTITE credential. Successful completion of the LANTITE exam demonstrates a candidate's commitment to excellence in educational leadership and opens doors to new opportunities for career advancement and professional recognition.

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