Whatsapp Web: How To Speed Up The Message Loading Process

WhatsApp Web: how to speed up the message loading process.

The hack does not require any external applications and users can do it in a few minutes.

WhatsApp became one of the main tools for users and since the desktop version was launched, many increased their activity through this social network. However, a few months ago the application began to have several changes with which users are not very satisfied.

How to speed up the process of loading messages on WhatsApp Web, Shutterstock - Shutterstock
How to speed up the process of loading messages on WhatsApp Web, Shutterstock - Shutterstock

Since WhatsApp announced that the Web version could be used without the need for the mobile to have internet, everything changed. The social network can now take time to load the messages or even not find them since it has no record in the computer version. However, there is a trick with which users can speed up this update and not lose their minds while waiting for the application to respond.

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How to speed up the loading of messages in WhatsApp?

The trick is to clear the WhatsApp cache, this will not affect the performance of the application and on the contrary, it is information that, when stored in the cloud, makes the data take longer to load. To do so you need:

  • Go to Settings and select Applications
  • Go to Manage applications and search for WhatsApp in the list that appears
  • There, the Storage sign will appear and they must click on the Delete cache button
  • At this time you should wait for load and do the test. For that, they must enter WhatsApp Web and see the result

WhatsApp Web: how to find out if someone opened it without your permission

Although the web version of WhatsApp is often used and can be left open due to “forgetting” , every now and then we must examine the connected devices to avoid leaking our own information. To achieve this, it is necessary to follow a series of simple steps that we are going to show you in this note and that must be checked from time to time.

The first thing to be clear about is that to connect to the web version you have to go to WhatsApp.com , where a QR code will be displayed. Then you must open the application on your mobile phone, access the configuration menu and enter the WhatsApp Web option.

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The app will tell you to scan the QR code, and once you’ve done that, both devices will be paired. It should be clarified that until now, the platform only allows you to have one device connected to your phone, so it is not possible to have two windows open from the same account , since a tab will automatically appear that will give the user the choice in which site you want to use.

However, despite this, you are not exempt from your data being seen elsewhere. After it has been opened on a computer, it is necessary to log out of the last site it was used on to prevent someone else from using it .

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  • From the cell phone touch the three points that appear on the far right of the application.
  • Press Paired devices, which appears in the third option.
  • This shortcut will show the number of computers to which the WhatsApp account is connected and the last time it was opened, as well as the operating system.
  • If there’s an unknown device, whether it’s an unused location or operating system that you might suspect is being used by someone else, all you have to do is click on the unknown PC and right away The option to close the window or “log out” the account from that site will appear.
  • Once these steps have been done, the account will automatically be closed on that and the other chosen sites, so it will be necessary to re-enter the data through the QR code to regain access to the account through the web. .

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