Secret Whatsapp Trick: To Send Files That Are Too Heavy

Secret WhatsApp: the tricks to send files that are too heavy.

The possibility of sharing content between users is no longer limited to photos, videos, audio or documents and there are several tricks to keep in mind.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular online messaging applications. Since its launch in 2009 it began to gain space, to the point that in 2014 it was acquired by Facebook, today Meta. From the beginning when only SMS could be sent, today it allows you to send photos, videos, audio messages and make individual and group video calls .

Secret Whatsapp Trick: To Send Files That Are Too Heavy
Secret Whatsapp Trick: To Send Files That Are Too Heavy

WhatsApp also allows the sending of some files. However, one of its limitations in this regard is their size, which today is limited to 2GB.

How to send large files on WhatsApp

However, there are several ways to send files over that space limit through WhatsApp . Of course, it can only be done through other platforms.

One of them, and the easiest to access, is Google Drive , one of the most popular on the planet. All you need to access it is to have a Google account. They can store audio, video and photo files, among other documents.

To do this, you have to access Google Drive, touch the ‘New’ button and add the file you want to send . Once uploaded, press and hold the file until the ’ get share message’ message appears.

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When the link appears, you can copy it and then paste it into a message to the WhatsApp contact you want to share the document with.

Sending files by WhatsApp through Dropbox

The other option to share large files on WhatsApp is Dropbox . If you have an Android device, you have access without needing anything else. For the procedure, access Dropbox from your device and then press the ’ + ’ sign to add the document you want to send.

When the upload is complete, open the file and then click the three dots button in the top right. There, scroll down to the ‘Copy link’ option , and then paste it into the WhatsApp message.

WhatsApp will allow users to hide their status when they are using the application

Currently, in the privacy options of the social network, you can choose who can see the time of the last connection , the profile picture, the information or the statuses, which have a duration of 24 hours.

However, until now it is not possible to hide the status , so that all users can see if one of their contacts is inside the application and therefore online.

As WABetaInfo recently warned , the company is working to incorporate a feature it has been developing for months to maintain privacy. According to a screenshot of WhatsApp beta for iOS that this portal shared, in a future update it will be possible to limit who can see the connection status within the Last Seen Settings section .

In this, two options were introduced: ’ All ', so that the total number of contacts can know if a user is online or not, and ‘Same as last seen’.

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“For example, if you choose ‘My Contacts’ for ‘Last Seen’ and ‘Same as Last Seen’ for ‘Online’, it means that people who are not in the contact book will not be able to tell when you are online. line”, WABetaInfo pointed out.

From this portal they pointed out that, although this functionality has been seen in the version of the application for iOS, WhatsApp plans to introduce the same function in a future beta for Android and Desktop.

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