Meet The Secret Societies That Dominate The World

The secret societies that have dominated the world for centuries are present today; but now with technological advances for or against them, “they are easier to detect” . For years they have shown that the fundamental basis of each of them is power, conspiracy, hidden interests and rituals. This, believe it or not, is latent among us.

Meet The Secret Societies That Dominate The World
Meet The Secret Societies That Dominate The World

Secret societies do not belong to the past as many believe, although some have disappeared, many others religious or non-religious still exist and in one way or another have influenced the world with the creation of laws and governments or world leadership.

It should be noted that although it is known that these societies exist, such as Rosicrucians, Illuminati and Freemasons; his followers do not fully know all his secrets until they overcome the different levels or stages that exist. In reality few reach the top of the organization and get to know its most hidden secrets and plans.

Secret societies that rule the world


Secret Societies
Secret Societies 

It is an international, humanist, hierarchical, philosophical secret organization. Its motto or basis is based on a feeling of brotherhood among men. For years symbols have been established, which are linked to the Royal Art of Construction. It is presented as an institution that reveals its secrets only to those who pass some initiative ceremony rites. Freemasons promote the search for absolute truth. Currently Freemasonry stands as a group that enhances the values ​​of tolerance, science and liberal arts as well as spiritual pursuit.

Knights Templar

Also known as “The Poor Knights of Christ”, this secret society was approved by the Roman Catholic Church in 1129. It acted as charity for all believers and grew in membership, power and influence. It was created due to the multiple attacks and murders that pilgrims received, reaching a number that exceeded one hundred, who were attacked when they made their journey from the Coast in Jaffa to the Holy Land.

Priory of Sion

Another fraternal organization, which was founded in France in 1956. Pierre Plantard was its founder, as he was a painter, this was part of a hoax. Its name arose in honor of a mountain near a French city of Annemasse, called Sion. This secret organization had as its purpose the restoration of the nobility and the monarchy of that country, through the supposed real rights of Pierre.

Rosae Crucis Order

Secret Societies
Secret Societies 

Fraternal organization of a Rosicrucian character, non-sectarian and apolitical. Founded in 1915 by Harvey Spencer Lewis, it is only made up of people who investigate, study and apply spiritual, esoteric and mystical teachings. Those who belong to this secret organization are called Rosicrucian apprentices and are trained every 30 days with graded lessons to learn at home. Its current logo is a red rose in the center of a gold-colored cross. This does not have religious characteristics or meanings, the rose is the symbol of the soul of man in contact with the material world evolving progressively and the golden cross represents the physical body of man.

The purpose of your Order is to give all its members the physical means, This secret organization propose to implement a “New World Order”, (dominate the world). It was created in 1976 in order to obtain absolute knowledge, without religion. They practice mind control and the power to manipulate their followers to spread satanic messages. In addition, sodomite practices and torture are part of their rites. The followers of this secret organization also worship the god Horus. Over the years, speculation has grown about celebrities who were caught showing or doing the symbol of this organization: the “All-Seeing Eye.” It is a common symbol in Masonic lodges with various meanings, the omnipresent manifestation of the creative principle of the heavens and the universe. The Illuminati wish to end or destroy the influence of the Catholic Church in politics. They are against the Catholic Church and its state-given power. The goal was to perfect the individual and the world, creating a new World Order: a single, global state with the same way of thinking and currency.

Skull and bones

Secret Societies
Secret Societies 

This may be the least secret of all, because it appears in search engines. Specific and detailed data about its foundation can be found; In addition, due to the characteristics of its members, its selection criteria are known. However, nothing is known about their purposes, but it can be inferred that they desire power. This organization was founded at the famous Yale University, United States in 1832. During its early years it was known as the “Brotherhood of Death.” To access this organization you must go through a strict process. In its early years, only direct descendants of the original English colonizing families of North America were admitted. Then to members of wealthy families or with political and social ties. Sometimes they admit one or another applicant outside this circle,

Bildergerg Club

Secret Societies
Secret Societies 

It is a secret organization that meets every year. People of high economic level or personalities from the most developed nations of the planet and representatives of large world organizations attend here. The agenda where topics are set to discuss ideas, proposals and points of view. The participants can use the material that is said in the conferences, but with the condition of never saying who the speaker is. The group is accused of conspiring to impose a world government, capitalist rule and/or a planned economy.

Thule Society

Secret Societies
Secret Societies 

German group that operated during and after World War I in Munich. It was named after Thule, the mythical northern city of ancient Greek legend. A large number of followers, such as Dietrich Eckart, were supporters of Adolf Hitler. The Thule society was created by the German Workers’ Party, which later became the Nazi Party. The Thule Society was dissolved in 1925 and during the events of Conqueror of Shamballa, it was led by Dietinde Eckhart. Its objective is to return power to Germany after its defeat in World War I and its weakening by the Treaty of Versailles.

Opus Dei

Secret Societies
Secret Societies 

Prelature of the Holy Cross and Opus Dei, in Latin means ‘Work of God’, belongs to the Catholic Church. The headquarters of this secret organization is located in Rome. It was founded on October 2, 1928. Its founder, JosemarĂ­a Escrivá de Balaguer, who served as a Spanish priest. Later, in 1982, Pope John Paul II elevated it to the level of personal prelature.

It is governed by a prelate and is made up of priests and lay faithful. It is currently in 68 countries on five continents. Opus Dei’s mission is to help Christians live according to their faith, in addition to contributing to the evangelization of society through daily work. According to this secret organization, the path to sanctification is not only for those who lead a consecrated life in the service of God, such as religious, but considers that anyone can join.

However, this has always been involved in controversy, due to the immense power and large sums of money it handles. Among other accusations, it has been branded as a secretive religious sect, made up mainly of Catholic fanatics. Part of the controversy surrounding Opus Dei is related to Dan Brown’s highly critical review of the organization and sexual abuse in the bestseller The Da Vinci Code.

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