He Worked On A Cruise Ship And Reveals The 2 Creepy Places No One Wants To Enter

  • A former cruise employee reveals the darkest secrets of the luxurious ships.
  • This is a cruise in Antarctica, a trip to the end of the world.

"Wonder of the Seas", the largest cruise ship in the world EFE
"Wonder of the Seas", the largest cruise ship in the world EFE

A woman who worked on some of the largest and most luxurious cruise ships in the world has been encouraged to reveal that there are some creepy rooms on board that few know exist and that no one dares to enter. Lauren is originally from Australia but now lives in the US. And in her past she used to have a job on board the huge boats for tourists to enjoy the good life.

The woman recently posted a video on her @laurentalkssmach TikTok account explaining “creepy cruise ship secrets” and has already racked up over 100,000 likes.

cruise ship secrets

“There are some crazy things about cruise ships that you may not know as a guest,” the former employee began. And immediately she reveals two of the most terrifying sites, which very few people take into account. “It’s a bit creepy, but there’s a morgue and jail on board.”

Lauren uploaded a video to TikTok with the "creepy secrets of cruises" TikTok
Lauren uploaded a video to TikTok with the "creepy secrets of cruises" TikTok

“When we worked on the cruise ship we saw that they took a body out of the morgue. Obviously it was covered with the corresponding bag, but that in itself is horrible,” he remarks. Upon hearing about it, she Lauren added that the situation was "so intimidating that she “didn’t want to work on a cruise ship anymore.”

He immediately went to the second site that can cause some tickling. “They have a cell, it’s like a jail, so if someone is doing something wrong, they just lock him in there,” she pointed out knowingly.

Superstition with the number 13

The Australian openly shared that there was another thing that made her extremely nervous about working on a cruise ship, and that was the fact that her Carnival cruise ship did not have a number 13 deck.

“Carnival doesn’t have a 13 deck because it’s kind of superstitious,” he went on to admit that it’s “fucking weird.” And he ended with a question: “We are on a cruise, in the middle of the sea, and you make me feel that superstition comes into play?”


After seeing the video, some network users commented that they completely ruled out the idea of ​​going on another cruise again. One person commented: “I don’t know, just me, I thought if anyone died on board they would be thrown out.”

The luxury cruise ship he worked on Clarion
The luxury cruise ship he worked on Clarion

“Death is everywhere and it is inevitable. It is better to have a place to process Grandma Ruth, who had a heart attack at sea, than to have to go ashore,” another wryly launched. While a third wrote, “If you’re scared of superstitions and the number 13, don’t come to Canada because we don’t have a 13th floor in any apartment building.”

While someone else logically commented: “Most hospitals don’t have a 13th OR either. Maybe they miscounted,” he said.

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