100% Successful Tips To Increase Traffic And Create Community With Social Networks

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to use social networks to increase traffic and how we can create a community with the traffic achieved using the tools.

Tips To Increase Traffic And Create Community With Social Networks
Tips To Increase Traffic And Create Community With Social Networks

On previous occasions we have talked about the best way to start writing and be an excellent content creator. For this it is necessary to polish and obtain certain skills that help us do a better job and thus make it easier for us to achieve our goals.

Some of the skills we need to be a content creator are:

  • structure the content
  • Know how to choose the right topic
  • Write for SEO
  • Choose a good main image
  • Use the right resources

But the issue that concerns us this time is to create a community and make the most of social networks to increase our visits.

This is not an easy task and a real work plan is needed, but with the tips that will be shown below, the task will become easier.

Day by day the organic reach of social networks is decreasing, making the number of followers we have practically irrelevant. What matters to these platforms is that we spend on advertising.

In order to take advantage of the visits we get on social networks or other media, We offer several tools that will help us keep these people captive without resorting to these tricky media and thus achieve a more direct and effective communication with users. users.

Here are some of our tips:

find your niche

Without a doubt, this is one of the most important points and one that we have emphasized in several articles.

You should not create content just to create, find a topic or a category in which you operate more fluently and take advantage of your knowledge.

If you like cooking you can create recipe content or tips to cook better, if you like sports you can talk about current sporting events.

If you think you are an expert on a subject but you don’t know how to take advantage of it, we can help you. Leave us a comment and we will respond with the best options that we believe could serve you.

Tell a story with your content

A big mistake that all content creators make is believing that when they finish writing and publish it on a social network, the work is already finished, but that is far from reality.

Of course, it is essential to share our article on social networks, but we must do it with meaning and attract the attention of our followers. For that it is necessary to create a story with which others can identify or otherwise help to catch their attention.

To give an example, if you want to write about cooking tips, you can start with a short introduction of how you became interested in gastronomy from a young age when you saw your grandmother in front of the stove.

This way it will be more likely that your audience will stop to read your content and click on it to finish knowing the whole story and know the advice you have to give.

create conversation

When you start a conversation in a post, you need as many people as possible to join it and thus create the viral effect we are looking for.

Structure your publication with a question and invite them to leave their opinion in the comments. The more people comment, the more reach your post will get.

An example of this would be, if you are going to talk about tips for traveling to Europe, you can start writing about your experience in the publication and end it with a question about the experience that others have had when traveling to the old continent.

Don’t be afraid of controversy

At this point we must clarify that we should not use controversy as a means of clickbait to get clicks. There is a legitimate way to get visits with this technique but without reaching sensationalism.

An example of this would be creating an article about why Mexican food is the best in the world. The issue will already be controversial for food lovers since there are several countries that can compete for that place.

Start by writing a little about why your opinion is that way, invite comments about whether they agree or not.

Answer all comments, even if they are hateful, politely and accepting the different points of view that exist on the subject.

Provide a call to action

When getting a person interested in your content and spending enough time reading it, what we should seek to achieve is that they take an action that works for us. In short, use the attention you got from the user to make them do what you want.

Your call to action must be simple and direct, so that people understand it and can do it without much problem. Sometimes something as simple as an invitation to comment or share is more than enough.

You can use emoticons or some text style that highlights your call to action and thus easily draws the user’s attention.

Always looking for new places to share

Another common mistake is always posting our content on the same sites. We must be in constant search of places and methods to publish and thus achieve better results.

We recommend that once a week you explore your social networks where you usually share and find those groups that are most active, as well as the most appropriate hours on your pages or profiles.

You can also search for new groups that talk about a similar topic to your content or in forums like reddit, menéame or forocoches conversations that touch on the topic in question.

Returning to the example of Mexican food as the best in the world, you can look for groups that talk about food, Mexican culture or Mexican history. When it comes to forums, you can search for conversations with topics similar to groups and share your article there.

Join groups on social media

Not only are there groups on Facebook, you can also ask to join boards on certain topics on Pinterest or channels on Reddit.

Try to expand your portfolio of groups on different social networks on multiple topics so that it is easier to find the right one for your content when you go to share it.

Motivate your users to give you feedback

It is very important to know what readers think about your content, so you can ask them to leave an opinion about the way it is written, the theme or other points in order to improve your work little by little.

This also helps to make the user feel that their opinion counts and is a fundamental basis for creating a community.

Create content on the same topic or category

You must maintain the same editorial line and theme within the content you are doing. You can create a channel by topic that helps you keep your content well organized.

Users will start looking for your content because you talk about something that interests them, and if it’s working, you don’t need to change anything.

As an example, if you are specializing in content that talks about television series or movies, it is not recommended that you change the category for financial information from one moment to the next. That is, start talking about something completely different from what you had been doing.

In case you want to write about other topics, we recommend you create a different channel and share your content on pages, groups or forums with the same topic.

Urge your followers to follow you

One of the most useful tools is the option to follow, thanks to this functionality, whenever you have new content your followers will be notified by email of the content.

Options such as:

  • Send direct messages to followers
  • In-site notifications about new content
  • Create a chat room per channel with all your followers

So we recommend that you start growing your followers to get the most out of it.

Create a direct conversation with your users through messages or email lists

It is possible to send messages to users, this helps maintain closer communication between readers and content creators.

All conversations must enter into a circle of respect and free expression. Remember that one of the most important things to create a community is interaction and the exchange of opinions and ideas.

This tool offers you that, so we encourage you to use it wisely.

Have patience

Patience, without a doubt, is the greatest virtue you must have in order to achieve the goals that we talk about in this content.

Remember that successful content is not created overnight, just as a community does not appear out of nowhere by magic.

Constant work and perseverance is what will help us achieve it and get that much-needed boost.

After reading our tips, do you think they will help you? Did we miss any advice that is equal or more important than the ones we show? What other tools would you like to have the option to follow?

Leave your comment and let us know your opinion.

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