Instagram Gets Photo Remix And New Features To Create Videos

Instagram made official this Thursday (21) several news to improve the experience using the Reels tool , making it “easier, fluid and fun”. Some of the improvements were already being tested by a group of users and will now be released to everyone.

Instagram Gets Photo Remix And New Features To Create Videos

One of them is Remix for photos, which will make it possible to use public images from the feed in new creations . Previously only available with videos, the feature allows you to respond to certain content by remixing the original image.

The social network also added new layout options to use in remixes. Among them, there is the green screen (chroma key) used in TV and cinema, which when chosen makes it possible to apply different types of images to the background, such as landscapes, animals, vehicles and more.

Instagram Gets Photo Remix And New Features To Create Videos

The user will also have new options for positioning the content, which can appear next to the original Reels, below or as a reaction. According to Instagram, it will also be possible to post the remix after the first content, playing in the sequence.

New creation tools and videos like Reels

The platform also announced the debut of interesting features for video creators, such as Dual Capture. With it activated, you can record using both the front and rear cameras at the same time , recording the scene and also your reaction, making the Reels more immersive.

Instagram Gets Photo Remix And New Features To Create Videos

And for those moments when you lack inspiration to create content, just choose one of the new templates that Instagram itself has added. Audio and video suggestions to add to your photos and clips can be found under the camera icon within the Reels function.

Another important change made official now is that all videos under 15 minutes long posted on Instagram will now be shared as Reels and displayed in full screen . The change, which is currently being tested, will take effect in the coming weeks and should not affect previously created content.

Instagram Gets Photo Remix And New Features To Create Videos

In addition, Reels with 90 seconds or less, created by public profiles, can be recommended by the social network algorithm and seen by more users. It is also worth mentioning the union of the video and Reels tabs, which are now found in the same place.

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    Moneyplant Research Investment Advisor August 30, 2022 at 4:35 PM

    YEAAH !!! You can now remix public photos on Instagram — choose from new Remix layouts or add your clip to the end of an existing video for more

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