Will The Metaverse Change The Way Of Relating And The Customer Experience?

Thinking about a day to day life in the Metaverse still feels weird to most people, understandably. Can you imagine meeting your friends, watching shows, shopping and even physical activities without leaving your room, just with glasses and a good connection?

Will The Metaverse Change The Way Of Relating And The Customer Experience?
Will The Metaverse Change The Way Of Relating And The Customer Experience?

But this virtual reality is getting closer, and when it is consolidated, it will be as if it always existed . That’s the feeling we get with today’s technologies, after all: the smartphone in your hand and the internet with which you are accessing this article were unthinkable just a few decades ago. But now it is unthinkable to be without them.

Therefore, in addition to imagining this future as users, it is necessary to understand how the market and consumers will react to it. These are still predictions, but, as you can see with the current technological advance, things are moving very quickly. It is better to try to predict than to be taken by surprise.

The first step in understanding trends is to observe the actions of the major players, who are the most capable of testing and discovering what works.

Nike, for example, used the Roblox platform to create its own “virtual world”, Nikeland. There, avatars can wear the brand’s clothes and exercise in spaces designed for that purpose. It’s a fun action that moves the company’s customers and strengthens relationships.

Other uses are more practical, like Fiat with its AR Commerce tool to show the new Fiat Pulse in full size , allowing the consumer to see how the car would look in their own garage or feeling already the driver, in a virtual replica. super realistic. Another example is the use of fitting rooms with augmented reality, employed by brands such as Prada and Gucci, facilitating the customer experience of trying on different pieces.

All this shows that the metaverse is not going to change the way companies and the public relate to each other, but, in fact, it is already changing .

User experience is already the main objective when it comes to products and services, and Metaverso offers countless possibilities to improve it. Therefore, people are accepting the news very well, since they are already built with this improvement in mind.

In addition, the Covid-19 pandemic has made clear the need for people to get closer to each other. Virtual reality is the only way to deliver that sense of physical proximity to a brand. From there, this relationship can become much deeper.

Whether to improve agility, entertainment or any other reason, Metaverso is a new way for companies to communicate with the population. There is still a lot of evolution to come, of course, and the world is investing heavily in that future — according to the Bloomberg Intelligence Unit, by 2024, the Metaverse is expected to move more than $800 billion.

What we can say is that the new customer experience will be much more immersive, interactive and sensorial. And that will create relationships like never before.

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