5 Toys From Our Childhood With An Allegedly Very Disturbing Dark Side

In our childhood we believed that our favorite toys were the best in the world and that there was nothing wrong with them. In fact, we spent hours and hours playing the game without realizing that there was an alleged story behind it that, if it had been known by our parents, they would surely have forbidden us to use them.

toys (pixabay.com)
We discovered all this when we were grown up and we believe that it deserves to be available to everyone, so here we leave you with the most disturbing theories about some of our childhood toys.

Barbie and Ken are siblings

For years and years we believed that Barbie and Ken were the perfect couple, but what we did not know is that the names of the dolls are the names of the children of the creator of the Barbie, Ruth Handler , who named Ken after One of his sons.

ken and barbie (pixabay.com)
ken and barbie (pixabay.com)

Yes, during all this time that the girls were playing house with Barbie and Ken as a couple, they were engaging in symbolic incest.

furby was a spy

During the 90s, Furby was practically a member of the family, because it was the perfect solution for parents who did not want their children to have a pet.

furby (pixabay.com)
furby (pixabay.com)

The problem arose when intelligence agencies began to suspect that Furby was being used for espionage work, due to the ability of his system to communicate with his owners.

Special furnaces were not entirely defenseless

furby (pixabay.com)

Regardless of the brand, many girls in their childhood wished for a special honor to be able to make their cookies and small cakes. The detail happened when in 2006, a model created by Hasbro was responsible for burns in several girls in the state of Florida, for which they had to be withdrawn from the market.

Gak/Slime or dope?

furby (pixabay.com)
gak (pixabay.com)

The famous malleable paste that makes sounds when you squeeze it is one of the things that children enjoy to the extreme, but what many parents may not know is that Gak is a term to refer to heroin, in the underworld of the narcotics.

nazi spinner

Spinners were all the rage in 2017 for their apparent “stress-reducing” and “focus-enhancing” qualities, but what many people weren’t talking about was the fact that these toys bear a resemblance to the Nazi symbol because of the 4 rings that make it up.

spinner (pixabay.com)
spinner (pixabay.com)

This led many to think that it was experimented on by some of the Nazis left in the world to test their power of domination over the population.

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