Eye Catching Spiral Animated Welcome Message Widget For Blogger

How to add spiral animated text and welcome message widget to your blogger blog either in the sidebar or below the navigation menu.

Eye Catching Spiral Animated  Welcome Message Widget For Blogger
Eye Catching Spiral Animated  Welcome Message Widget For Blogger

In our last post we shared animated new posts and welcome message widget widget for blogger blog and with this post we are making some changes in the animation effect and making  it a spiral animation. You are free to change the text but not the animation. When a page loads this spiral animation automatically starts and it is very eye catching. The moment a user lands on your website at least he will see for 3-4 minutes like what is this and what is going on.

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This will also help you to lower your bounce rate. I am giving you ready to play with the code. You just have to copy the code and paste it where you want this widget to appear. So simple. This widget is totally based on javascript. Use of javascript has made animation so simple and this is a result of phenomenal use of javascript.

I will also provide you a demo where you can see how this widget will look like when you will add this spiral animation based widget to blogger. Few customization is there that you can make in this widget like text.

Why you should use this animation based widget to blogger

  1. Gives a good look to your blogger blog.
  2. Fast in loading.
  3. Easy to install.
  4. May help you to lower your blogger blog bounce rate.
  5. Attractive always impress your users.

So what are you waiting for if you really want to make your website more attractive than feel free to add this widget to your blogger blog.



Search for this piece of code inside your downloaded javascript.

text[3]="ALWAYS HAPPY"

Change all the texts between the double quotes and type your own that you want.

This was the spiral eye catching animated welcome message widget for blogger. If you liked it then please share it and give us your comment as feedback. 
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