Automatic Background And Link Change Animated Widget For Blogger

Automatic background, text and links change with this javascript. A special widget for blogger to promote and increase traffic for featured posts.

Automatic Background And Link Change Animated Widget For Blogger
Automatic Background And Link Change Animated Widget For Blogger

Sometime it happens when you write a good post and from your point of view you think it is one of the great posts I have ever written and think that people will like it but it does not happen when it comes about traffic. You get disappointed so to make your dream come true we have come up with this widget. It is perfect to show featured posts and you can customize it for one of your best written posts for which you think it is your best work. Then this widget is best for you.

This widget automatically changes the background color and also the texts and links within 1-2 second period of time. And it has some animation effects as well which is awesome. It looks very beautiful and eye catching. It loads automatically when a page loads. And because of this animation it attracts user attention so you can grab the benefit of this user behavior. Simply insert anchor text of your posts and link them with your post.

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It changes like a stripe and many other things this widget has that can not be explained in words. Apart from this blogger widget is completely customizable. You can choose your colors and text which suites your blogger blog requirements.

This widget is completely built in javascriipt. It loads faster and loads even before your web page loads. So this is the best thing about this automatic background and link change animated blogger widget.

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What this blogger widget can do ?

There are few things that I like most about this blogger widget that you can use to show featured posts.

  1. Built in javascript
  2. Easy to install.
  3. Fast in loading.
  4. Helpful to increase traffic for selected posts.
  5. Lower bounce rate.
  6. May help you to increase website conversion rate.
  7. Fully customizable.

As I said above that you can use it to show one featured posts and it becomes active when the page loads so chances are higher to get noticed by the users and get some clicks on those posts that you will mention.

This widget will increase website conversion rate.

Of course as we know animated things always attracts users so imagine a user comes to your site from google and then he locks this animation than 80% chances are there he will click on that link and these ways it will help you to increase website conversion rate and also may help you to lower your blogger blog or website bounce rate. Bounce rate reduces when user does not leave your site after landing page.

So this is all the reason that I will recommend to use this automatic background and link changer widget for blogger. Not just because of animation but also for the other hidden benefits.



Search for this piece of code inside your downloaded javascript.

linkto : ""
}, // commra required

linkto : ""
}, // comma required

linkto : ""
}, // comma required

linkto : ""
} // comma NOT required


Now change the text into double quotes like "DOWNLOAD FREE BLOGGER WIDGETS" with your text. This text will appear and blink. Take it as anchor text.

Now replace the link in double quotes like "" with your post url. Now you are done. These are the changes that you have to make and then you are ready for more traffic.

If you like this blogger widget that changes background and links automatically with fantastic animation then please share it and write your comment as feedback.

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