Add Animated New Posts And Welcome Message To Blogger Homepage

How to add animated new posts, New notification and welcome messages to your visitors on the blogger homepage. Also for showing breaking news. Awesome widget for blogger.

Add Animated New Posts And Welcome Message To Blogger Homepage
Add Animated New Posts And Welcome Message To Blogger Homepage

You may wonder how those other websites shows breaking news and new posts on their blogger blog. Here is a simple javascript that will enable you to do this for your website also. With the help of this javascript you can also add the same widget and gadget to your blogger blog. 

This javascript based widget for adding new posts and welcome message is very helpful to increase traffic for blogger blog and also increase conversion rate of your website.

So if you are serious about your website and want to increase your blogger blog traffic then you must add this welcome message and animated new post displayer widget to your blogger blog below the navigation menu.

What is the perfect place to add this widget.

The best place to add this animated new post and welcome message widget is below the navigation menu and above post header. Most of the people clicks on the navigation menu and randomly in the sidebar. So you must add this plug and play widget below the navigation menu bar. The base color of this widget is black with red border and when you hover your mouse over the links which is be default in white becomes red.

So the color combination id perfect for getting more clicks and highly convertible.

I have given ready to use code. You have to just copy the code and paste it above post header and below the navigation menu.

Remember you can also add this animated new post and welcome message at the sidebar and below the posts also. But it will give you more traffic if you add it below the navigation menu.

Use of javascript.

This widget is completely created in javascript and loads faster. All the customizations will be done in javascript. Edit this javascript only when you have some knowledge of javascript. Otherwise do not touch it otherwise this widget will not work.

How to add animated posts and welcome message to blogger.

  • Login to blogger.
  • Go to layout.
  • Click on add a gadget.
  • Choose html/javascript.
  • Copy the below code.
  • Paste it and you are done.



You can customize the widget with your blogger layout. If you want to change the text of this widget then search for this code in the javascript.

text[0]="Thank you for visiting"
text[1]="It's a pleasure to show you some dirty JavaScript tricks."
text[2]="Also we invite you to test the speed of your Browser. <b>Just click here.</b>"

If you want to insert links in this texts and than search for this codes in this javascript and edit yours.


If you want to change the color and other style used in this widget than search for this code in the javascript.

// set the font of the messages
var textfont="Arial"

// set the font-color of the messages
var textfontcolor="#FFFFFF"

// set the rollover-fontcolor of the messages
var textfontcolorrollover="#FF0000"

// set the font-size of the messages (CSS-values)
var textfontsize=9

// set the font backgroundcolor of the textbox
var textbgcolor="#000000"

// set the textweight (normal or bold)
var textweight="normal"

// set the fontstyle (normal or italic)
var textitalic="normal"

// set the width of the textbox (pixels)
var textwidth=398

// set the height of the textbox (pixels)
var textheight=40

// set the pause (seconds)
var textpause=2

// set the width of the border
var textborder=3

// set the color of the border
var textbordercolor="#FF0000"

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Now I have given all the options how you can edit this blogger widget for showing animated new posts and welcome message. Please share it and give us your feedback in the comments.
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