3 Chat Widget For Blogger

3 online tools to add chat widget to blogger blog. Awesome chat and messaging application widget for blogger to interact with your audience.

3 Chat Widget For Blogger
3 Chat Widget For Blogger

How to add chat widget to blogger, Well here are three ways to add chat widget to blogger blog. And add an interactive live chat and messaging application for your blog. You may have seen such widgets on various websites which provide live support for their customers. Hence adding such widgets in your blogger template makes your blog more professional because they give a new way to your audience to interact with the administrator of the website. And if you have a blog like me where you provide almost widgets and normally people feel problems in adding and installing widgets into blogger. Then such widgets like chat widget can be helpful for your audience. Because it will provide a live conversation between you and your audience and readers.

Why Chat Widget Necessary For Blogger

➨ If you have technical websites or blogger widgets websites then you must add chat widget into your blogger blog.

➨ It will provide a way for your readers to talk to you live.

➨ You can provide solutions to your readers in real time.

➨ It will build trust and loyalty.

➨ Can be very helpful for online branding of your website or yourself.

➨ May reduce bounce rate because you will be live and convince others to read about your other posts.

So after these benefits of adding a chat box widget for blogger lets know how to add chat box to blogger blog.

There are 3 ways you can add chat box widget to blogger. These are actually 3 online tools which are completely free and running from years and many popular websites are using them to provide support for their audience.


Olark Chat Widget

It is the no. 1 platform for chat widgets. Olark chat widget has been installed into more than 5000 websites and you are very familiar with a few of them like Discus, knowledge tree and 99designs. So it is also a trusted website that provides chat widget. It also has blogger plugin you can install Olark chat widget into your blog by adding their special code into blogger template. "THIS IS THE BEST CHAT WIDGET FROM USER POINT OF VIEW". I would suggest you to join this website and install their chat widget into your blogger blog.

Website Here- Olark

Chatroll Chat Widget

It is the no. 1 platform for chat widgets. It has the plugins for blogger and installation is pretty fast and simple. Just sign up and add simple short code into your blogger template and you are done. Chatroll claims that it has powered approximate 25,000 websites so you can figure it out how popular this website is. Many popular websites like Reebok, Daily news and others are using their widgets.

Website- Chatroll


Cbox Chat Widget

Cbox also provides chat widget for blogger. It has also some of the best features like you have full control over this chat widget. It is secure and free and you can also control who is allowed to post along with you can block spammers too. Cbox claims that their chat widget is highly scalable. It's all up to you to choose between Carroll and box.

Website here- Cbox
These were the 3 online tools for chat widget for blogger. All three have blogger plugins and are best in the world at current. If you like these posts please like and do share and comment. Thanks for visiting.
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