2 Online Tools To Create Android Apps Of Your Blogger Blog

2 online tools to create android apps of blogger blog, a new widget for blogger blog. Solution for  how to make android apps of blogspot blogs or any website.

2 Online Tools To Create Android Apps Of Your Blogger Blog
2 Online Tools To Create Android Apps Of Your Blogger Blog

As per the current statics android users are increasing day by day in the world. People are most used to Smartphone and many of them are based on android technology so from a business point of view it will be better if we get traffic from those users who also are using Smartphones with android technology. I am sharing two online tools that will make android app for your blogger blog and will keep your readers up to date from your new posts and hence it is a great way to get traffic from mobile users.

When Users Download your Website's Android App.

If your blog has a good reputation and daily updated then most of the people would like to download your website's android app to get updates. When I checked the review of other websites that are using android apps for their website then they I came to a conclusion that readers are showing their interest in only those websites that are updated daily. So if you are thinking to get traffic to your blog from mobile platform then give a reason to your readers that why should they download and use your app. So the core thing is daily updated your blog and you will see an increase in apps downloading.

What is the necessity of using android app for the promotion of a website.

If you are an iPhone or Samsung user then see in iTunes free apps library or Samsung apps library there are many websites that are giving their apps for free to users and the result is users download their apps and get updated for new content directly from their Smartphones. And websites get free traffic that helps them to rank higher in search engine results. Mostly you will see social bookmarking sites' icons in apps library and if the website gets popularity like Facebook, Google plus and twitter then mobile developers are already designing cell phone that are pre loaded with such apps. Now you can see many cell phone manufacturers are bringing such cell phones in market which have already installed whatsapp.

But what if your website has no such popularity then this will help you. Create an android app on your website or blog and let the users download it from your website and when they install it in their Smartphone and use it, you will get traffic. So it is like increasing your traffic market so every blogger should focus on it and use it.

You can see at bottom of the right side column that I am also using this technique to increase my traffic from different platforms and I am getting good response too. So below are those two websites from where I created this widget for my blog.

(1) App. Yet

(2) Appsgeyser.com

If you want to create more different type of apps then read the below post for detail information.

3 Tools to create mobile apps of blogger blog 

Both the websites are equipped with best features to create android apps of blogger blog. And not only blogger platform you can choose other options as well if your site is running on different platforms. In the first website named as app.yet first you will have to register yourself and the create apps of your website and the second is more simple. You have to put your website URL and then give the name of your android app and you are done. Both the websites have pro features spend some money and you will be given more options. So this is the way to create android apps for your blogger blog in just 5 minutes.

How to add it to Google play store

If you want to see your website's android app in Google play store then you will have to make a publisher merchant account in Google.

Sign up to Google play as a publisher.

You will see an upload button then click on it and upload your app.

Now you will have to create android developer account and it is not for free. You need to pay $25 to see your app in Google play store. Well do not worry if you do not want to spend money there then promote your android app from your own website like I am doing and believe me it will give you benefits. I have seen a sharp increase in my blog traffic after letting users to download my android app. And for more traffic then read below the posts.

So this was the simplest way for how to create android apps on your blogger blog. Using these 2 online tools you can do it that will result in more traffic for your blog.
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