7 Curiosities About The New Season of Black Mirror

The highly anticipated new season of Black Mirror has finally arrived after a four-year wait, captivating fans who devoured the series in an instant. This thought-provoking show, known for its dystopian portrayal of technology and its impact on society, has always managed to spark intrigue and debate. The latest season, however, brought about some notable changes and intriguing aspects that left viewers divided. In this article, we delve into the curiosities surrounding this new season and shed light on the varied opinions it garnered.
Black Mirror new season poster depicting technological dystopia.
Black Mirror new season poster depicting technological dystopia.

1. The Creator’s Motivation for Change

Charlie Brooker, the creator of Black Mirror, made a conscious decision to alter the futuristic aspect of the show. He expressed concern about the potential pigeonholing of the series as simply portraying technology as inherently bad. Brooker revealed his frustration, stating, “There was a certain danger that people would pigeonhole the show as saying that technology is bad, and that frustrated me a bit…” He clarified that his intention was never to vilify technology itself but rather to explore the unsettling tendencies of human behavior. According to Brooker, the show aimed to highlight how “people are sick in the f * t * head” and shed light on society’s darker aspects.
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2. The Controversial Episode: ‘Mazey Day’

Among the episodes of the new season, ‘Mazey Day’ emerged as a subject of intense debate and criticism. Many critics labeled it as the weakest episode of Black Mirror to date. The unexpected plot twists in ‘Mazey Day’ were considered by some as absurd and disconnected from the essence of the series. Critics expressed their disappointment, stating that the episode lacked the intriguing philosophical and mental aspects that have become synonymous with Black Mirror. With a runtime of 42 minutes, it failed to deliver a compelling narrative, leaving viewers underwhelmed.
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3. Anjana Vasan’s Return to Black Mirror

Anjana Vasan’s appearance in the latest season of Black Mirror marked her second involvement with the series. In the final episode of season 6, titled ‘Demon 79,’ she portrayed the character Nida. Interestingly, Vasan initially doubted she would secure the role as she had already been part of another episode. In season 3, she played a character in the episode ‘Nosedive,’ albeit completely painted silver. Her presence in both episodes reflects the show’s knack for exploring different perspectives on technology and its societal impact.
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4. Brooker’s Experiment with ChatGPT

Charlie Brooker, known for his exploration of amazing technological advancements, attempted to write an episode using ChatGPT, a popular AI language model. However, the outcome of this experiment fell short of his expectations. Brooker discovered that the AI merely combined synopses from previous Black Mirror episodes without contributing any original thoughts. This revelation highlights the limitations of AI when it comes to generating truly innovative narratives.
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5. Salma Hayek’s Surprising Encounter

Salma Hayek, a prominent actress, expressed her surprise upon reading the script for the new season of Black Mirror. Discovering her name within the storyline felt like a parody of herself. Hayek admitted to having a good sense of humor about such situations, allowing her to embrace the opportunity to play a satirical version of herself. While not everything depicted on screen mirrored her real-life persona, the experience allowed her to embrace self-parody.
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6. The Political Symbolism of “NF” Graffiti

Within the world of Black Mirror, the appearance of “NF” graffiti on the Nida gate carries a political undertone. “NF” stands for the National Front, a far-right fascist political party in the UK known for its anti-immigration stance. The presence of this graffiti serves as a constant reminder to immigrants of the opposition they face and the need to confront these divisive symbols in their daily lives.
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7. “Beyond the Sea”: An Episode Born from Pandemic Anxiety

The episode titled “Beyond the Sea” was born out of Charlie Brooker’s experience during the pandemic. Feeling isolated and, perhaps unknowingly, afflicted by FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), Brooker found himself observing the lives of others from a distance. The episode explores the theme of comparing one’s own situation with that of another, a phenomenon often amplified by social media. Brooker’s anxieties and reflections during the lockdown influenced the creation of this compelling episode.
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The latest season of Black Mirror has both captivated and divided fans with its thought-provoking narratives and intriguing elements. Charlie Brooker’s decision to deviate from a solely technology-centric focus reflects his belief that the flaws lie within human nature. While some episodes faced criticism, the overall impact of the series continues to stimulate discussions about our relationship with technology and its consequences on society.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What was the motivation behind changing the futuristic part of Black Mirror?
Charlie Brooker wanted to avoid the show being seen as simply portraying technology as inherently bad. He aimed to highlight the unsettling tendencies of human behavior and shed light on society’s darker aspects.

2. Which episode of the new season received criticism?
The episode titled ‘Mazey Day’ drew intense debate and criticism, with many considering it the weakest episode of Black Mirror to date.

3. Has Anjana Vasan appeared in Black Mirror before?
Yes, Anjana Vasan previously starred in the episode ‘Nosedive’ from season 3 and returned for the final episode of season 6 titled ‘Demon 79.’

4. What was Charlie Brooker’s experiment with ChatGPT?
Brooker attempted to write an episode using ChatGPT, but the AI-generated content fell short, lacking original thought and relying on recycled synopses from previous Black Mirror episodes.

5. How did Salma Hayek react to seeing her name in the script?
Hayek found it surprising and viewed it as a parody of herself. She embraced the opportunity to play a satirical version of her real-life persona.

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Alt text image: Black Mirror new season poster depicting technological dystopia.

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