Tricks to view Instagram stories anonymously

Tricks to view Instagram stories anonymously. Users will be able to perform these tricks, if the accounts have the profile activated in public mode.

Tricks to view Instagram stories anonymously
Tricks to view Instagram stories anonymously

To view Instagram stories, the platform requires users to do so from an official account; however, at the time of posting, the person who made the post will be able to see who viewed their post.

Now, if the intention is to see the stories without the other users knowing, a series of steps can be carried out, with the purpose of leaving no trace.

In this sense, the brand portal recommends three pages on the Internet where this procedure can be carried out safely. However, the portal clarified that in most cases these types of pages can disappear in a short time, since they make irregular use of the social network.

This website allows you to view profiles, feed posts, and stories anonymously. The platform also allows you to download published content. To achieve this, the first thing to do is enter the site and enter the username of the profile you want to see.


This portal is specialized in downloads, however it allows you to view the contents of the profiles, including the stories.

Instagram Stories:

This platform allows you to view the contents of the profiles, even as the username is typed, which will show you suggestions for other profiles.

It is important to mention that the stories can only be seen in incognito mode, if the account you want to see is in public mode.

Instagram copies Twitter and will now charge for verified accounts

A couple of weeks ago, a series of versions appeared on social networks and forums indicating that Instagram was considering introducing a paid subscription system on its platform, which included the blue verified account badge in a similar way to the mechanism that Twitter now has.

At the time, the developer and reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi stated that he detected in the code of the social network application “small references” to a subscription plan that would include the blue badge.

Now the specialized press has confirmed these versions by reporting the arrival of a new modality called ‘Meta Verified’ for Facebook and Instagram .

So Mark Zuckerberg’s company will implement a subscription plan to verify user accounts, provide greater visibility and better technical support service.

How much will the ‘Meta Verified’ service cost?

According to what Kurt Wagner, a journalist recognized for filtering news from the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, revealed, the new service is designed for both social networks and the Facebook and Instagram plan. In addition, he indicated that it would be priced at $11.99 ($58,880) per month and those who subscribe from iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) would have to pay a fee of $14.99 per month.

At the moment, some specialized media indicate that the Meta Verified service would allow certifying an account through the use of an identity document issued by the authorities of the user’s country. In this way, an attempt would be made to implement a filter to prevent impersonators of people or brands that operate by simply paying the cost of the subscription from appearing.

In fact, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, indicated that this additional protection system has the objective of “increasing the authenticity and security of all our services.”

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