This is how you can solve the most common problems that slow down the internet

The internet has become essential for people, due to the ease and immediacy with which it is accessed. Likewise, remote work has made it essential to have a good connection in homes.

However, the connection can fail due to different factors. To make sure that the internet is slow, a speed test should be carried out. The different fiber optic connections usually offer 40 or 30 Mbps of connection, that is, if the test shows a lower result, it is most likely that there is a problem.

This is how you can solve the most common problems that slow down the internet
This is how you can solve the most common problems that slow down the internet

According to the Computer Hoy portal, a correct location of the router can considerably improve the Internet connection, which is why the following recommendations should be kept in mind:

  • Do not place near obstacles.
  • Place it in an elevated position.
  • Avoid putting it with other electronic devices.

network saturation

Another reason that generates a bad connection is that the network is saturated, that is, that there are several devices connected to WiFi. The most common case is when a user is watching a streaming video, downloading a video game or any other activity.

Browser problems

If the internet is very slow, the problem may be present in the browser. If any bar, extension or add-on has been installed, it is recommended to uninstall it immediately. You should also test with another browser and if there is an improvement, the best option is to remove it and reinstall it.

Firmware bugs

Few users know that the router has a firmware, which is the operating system of the device. Updating this system can fix bugs and improve router performance. To achieve this, you must enter the interface and in the settings look for the ‘Update’ option.

Tricks to improve internet speed

As has been mentioned, the Internet has become essential for a good group of users, so one of the demands made on this service is to have good speed.

Taking into account data shared by the specialized portal Computer Hoy , there are cases in which Internet servers with high fiber optics are hired and they end up being a total fiasco.

One explanation for the above problem is that “the routers supplied by the operators when an Internet connection is contracted are usually quite basic in terms of WiFi performance and connection management” . However, a solution can be given to it.

For those who know the subject, there is a list of tricks that, however simple they may seem, can be given an opportunity to improve the speed of the Internet connection.

The list with the simple tricks:

  • Adjust the position of the antennas: “if you have more than one external antenna, place one of them vertically, and the other horizontally, forming an L”.
    • Beware of construction and interference materials: known as insulators, so it is recommended not to put the router on glass or metal. Wood can also decrease the speed with which the internet arrives.
  • Prevent the neighbors from stealing the WiFi: experts on the subject explain that you have to change the WiFi password constantly. “Wireless Network Watcher is a free program that lets you know if someone is connected to the wireless network to steal WiFi,” says the aforementioned portal.
    • Avoid conflicts between connected devices: each technological tool (cell phone, tablet, computer, etc.) has a WiFi protocol, it must be checked.
  • PLC: known as WiFi extenders to expand the network. The Xataka Móvil website explains that it is not a new technology, but it is useful for making the network speed fast throughout the house.
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