The hidden codes of Netflix that facilitate the search for series and movies

One of the favorite plans for some, especially with the beginning of the winter season, is to go to the television or laptop to watch movies and series on streaming platforms. And although in Colombia there are productions such as Pasión de gavilanes (second season), Diario de un gigoló or Cobra Kai (fifth season) scoring, there is also content that, although not in the top , is worth seeing. The important thing is to know how to unlock them or, better, visualize them.


Perhaps the biggest inconvenience for hundreds of users at the time of entering Netflix is ​​choosing one content among so many; Like long ago on television, there is nothing worse than zapping – skipping the programming – given the difficulty of not knowing which one to bet on. The mistake, perhaps, is that not everyone knows that there is a way to look at specific categories, rather than general ones.

Netflix, for example, has secret codes for each movie genre and subgenre that users can enter manually. This was announced by the What’s On Netflix portal, which not only compiled each of the codes in question, but also explained how to execute them.

Netflix Hidden Codes  

With them, it won’t be difficult to find from little-known horror movies –although not bad ones–, to children’s series, for those who have children, siblings or nephews.

It is worth remembering that another of the reasons why some users may not see new content on the platform –or at least different from their usual tastes– is because Netflix’s recommendations are based on their interactions with it: from what type of devices they connect, what are the genres that are searched most often, the ratings they give to some titles and the time of day they access, just to give a few examples

How to enter the secret codes on Netflix?

According to the portal in question, just copy and paste the following URL in the browser: Then, users must place the codes, depending on the type of content they want to find, where it says INSERTNUMBER.

Here are the codes for each gender:

Classic movies

  • 47147: Fantasy and classic science fiction.
  • 7687: Film noir.
  • 48744: Classic War Movies.
  • 31694: Classic comedies.

Horror movies

  • 8195: B-series horror movies.
  • 45028: Deep Sea Horror Movies.
  • 10944: Cult Horror Movies.
  • 947: Monster movies.


  • 6889: Crime dramas.
  • 6384: To cry.
  • 5012: Showbiz dramas.
  • 384: Independent dramas.

science fiction and fantasy

  • 1568: Science fiction and fantasy action.
  • 3327: Alien sci-fi.
  • 4734: Cult sci-fi and fantasy.
  • 47147: Fantasy and classic science fiction.


  • 10499: The crime thrillers .
  • 31851: Gangster movies.
  • 9147: Spy thrillers .
  • 11140: Supernatural thrillers .

Foreign films

  • 58807: French films.
  • 10463: Indian Movies.
  • 10398: Japanese movies.
  • 58741: Spanish films.

Action and adventure

  • 8985: Martial arts movies.
  • 2125: Military action and adventure.
  • 10118: Comic book and superhero movies.
  • 43040: Action Comedies.


  • 31273: Classic romantic movies.
  • 35800: Steamy romantic movies.
  • 5475: Romantic comedies.
  • 36103: Peculiar romances.

TV shows

  • 72436: Food and Travel TV.
  • 4814: Miniseries.
  • 52780: Science and nature TV.
  • 74652: Cult TV shows.


  • 9875: Crime documentaries.
  • 180: Sports documentaries.
  • 1159: Travel and adventure documentaries.
  • 5349: Historical documentaries.


  • 5286: Sports comedies.
  • 12443: Boxing movies.
  • 6695: Martial arts, boxing and wrestling.
  • 7243: Sports dramas.


  • 13573: Showbiz musicals.
  • 55774: Stage musicals.
  • 32392: Classical musicals.


  • 2653: Anime action .
  • 10695: Horror anime .
  • 9302: anime comedies.

children and family

  • 10659: Education for children.
  • 10056: Movies based on children’s books.
  • 51056: Family movies.
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