6 Writing Tips To Increase Conversion From Internal Links

6 Writing tips to increase conversion from internal links, How you can convince your readers for more engagement and increase website conversion rate.

6 Writing Tips To Increase Conversion From Internal Links
6 Writing Tips To Increase Conversion From Internal Links

6 best writing tips that help to increase website conversion rate from internal links. We will discuss how to insert internal links in a website so that it creates more engagement and increases your conversion rate which later increases your traffic and page views. Recently we published special use of icons that psychologically increases website conversion rate because they enforce users to click on links and buttons. You can read the entire article here :- 10 Psychological Blogger Design Tips To Increase Website Conversion.

Here we are going to discuss how to increase conversion from internal links that we insert in our posts. And, what is the right way to insert them along with us will take examples from authority websites and blogs. So sit tight we are going to get that magical formula to increase conversion or traffic.

You have 20-30 Seconds.

You are aware of this fact that every single user spends only 20-30 seconds on any website. So whatever conversion that has to be taken place will take during this short period of time. So show your content in the best way because you need conversions on your content.

Insert Links in separate

It is good practice of embedding links between the paragraph like below:-

Common Way

common way
Common way

Now it will create conversion only when your readers will read your entire article otherwise chances are less to get click on those links.

Different Way

different way
Different Way

Now try this, I insert internal links in a different way i make them separate. I insert them at the end of the paragraph with my anchor text. The only reason behind this is to show them in a more clear way. Now it does not matter he reads the entire article or not but this way of inserting links will attract him and strike him and if the anchor text look promising. I will get click on those internal links. So these are the very common writing skills that can increase website or blogger conversion rate.

As we are discussing here how to increase website conversion rate so here is another writing tips that I would like to share that may increase website conversion rate.

Use of special icons With Links

This is the other best way to gain user attraction and strike his mind. Always add some special icons that psychologically convinces and forces user mind to click on these links. You can use many types of special icons like use of arrows, Animated small GIFs and many more. Mostly I use arrows that helps me to increase my conversion rate. See the example below:-

Such arrows are a subconscious call to action and mostly convinces user to click on the links.

Why Arrows

  • First links appear different on the page .
  • Such arrows are a subconscious call to action. Many authority sites like Quicksprout also say this.

Hover Effect Like Rainbow Effect on links

You can also get clicks from links when you add some special effects to your internal links below is the script that you can use to make a rainbow effect on links when you hover them. When you will bring your mouse cursor on the links or hover them then links will change colors like a rainbow.

Below is the script.
<script src="http://helperblogger.webs.com/files/rainbow-colors-helper-blogger.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

It will produce a rainbow effect when you hover over your internal links.

Use of Numbers, Hash and Circles

You can use arrows, hash and circled numbers give more effect to your links. Like I did in a few of my post and the result is I get more page views when I use such writing tricks over my internal links. See the images below:-

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use of circle
Use of circle
use of hash
Use of hash

Embed your special links in CSS based widgets

You will always see below of my post how I insert related links in my blog post. It is a widget where when someone hovers his cursor over the links it displays detailed information about the post and it creates conversion for me. I always get clicks on those links when I use them in my post. And day by day such writing tips increasing my page views. See the image below:-

use of widgets
Use of widgets

Time for Promotion.

Always write some description of links before inserting them in your blog post. Like I did at the start of this post. I wrote what those psychological design tips did for me and what it can do. So when readers read those small descriptions of those links it engages them and I get clicks on links and hence my conversion rate increases.

So these are all the small but very effective writing tips that can increase your blogger blog or website conversion rate through internal links.
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