11 Blog Promotion Ideas Extracted From A Successful Salesman

11 Blog promotion ideas and tips from a salesman who are very successful in selling and promoting the product.

11 Blog Promotion Ideas Extracted From Successful Salesman
11 Blog Promotion Ideas Extracted From Successful Salesman

Successful blog promotion ideas from one of my friends who is a very successful salesman and recently awarded by his company. Last night at my friend's birthday I met him after a long time and he discussed some of the best tips that how he promotes his products and gradually mastered those tricks and today he is a marketing manager in his company. So I thought why not to share his promotion ideas with you and the best part is such ideas can also be used to promote blog as well. So I thought the title should be 11 blog promotion ideas from successful salesman. 

Top Bloggers Promotion Ideas Like Tyler Cruz and Ana Hoffman:-

If you really want to know how Tyler Cruz and Ana Hoffman promoted their blog using on page optimization and blogger design tricks then do not miss the below post. These are extensively researched and the final conclusion will force you to rethink on your blog promotion ideas and blogger template.

He Says Be confident.

But how being confident can help you to promote your blog. Being confident means write whatever you want to, never think what would be your reader's response because at least you will be happy that you are creating original and unique content and being confident means write your own thoughts, share your own experience like how far your blogging journey has been and what you dream for.

Listen to your heart and write it on your blog like I am doing. I am not afraid about what would my readers will response to this article. Because I know I am right at this point and somewhere it will help few persons like me.

Less Power Of Expression

There is one problem that most of the people face and that is they know too much but they are unable to express it and to overcome this you must try to write. Gradually practice will make you perfect and those days are not too far when you will be writing like Neil Patel of quicksprout. People are fans of his writing skills. And, he also did not flow with the current trends, He just wrote what he experienced in his career and today he gets around more that 200 comments for a single post because his readers know that something different and practical blogging tips are about to come.

What's The Point.

So the point is never fear in sharing your own thoughts on any topic and at some point even if you are wrong then your readers will make you correct but benefit is this practice of writing will build readership like Neil Patel.

What Salesman Says about being confident.

He said to me that whatever product was given to him does not matter good or bad he boldly went to the people and talked about it some of the people said no and even insulted him but some praised him. And later whatever was given to him he sold it . Why just because of his confident.

Such blog spreads like a wave because people want to know real and practical tips for how to promote blog not the old ways like :-

Current Blog Promotion Ideas

  • Submit your site to social media.
  • Comment on other blogs.
  • Submit to article submission directories.
  • A healthy relationship with fellow bloggers.
  • Guest posts.

Come on Guys , everyone does this but did all get success? The answer is No !

Present Yourself and Your Blog Like a Big Thing .

He always showed an elephant on hand does not matter logically possible or not. But he did. He always praised his products like no other product has that quality. It is a simple thing you need to impress people only then they will be convinced. Now there are two things that can impress your audience.

  • Content.
  • Writing Skills or Communication Skills (In case of a salesman)

Either you create great content or your writing skills should be like no one else. This is the only way to earn blogger readership.

Here are some ideas that help you to show your blog like a kind of big things.

Add an advertisement box.


It strikes your reader's mind never put all the boxes blank. Add your own small advertisement boxes like the image below. What it does and how does it help to promote the blog. What are the hidden blog promotion ideas in it.


Reader Psychology

When readers see that 2 of the advertisement has been sold out, He automatically starts thinking that this blog has something special and that is the reason 2 of his ad spaces are sold out. And the moment he thinks he starts believing you and in your content and that helps build readership.

To know more which type of graphics and icons get more clicks read this:-

2 Blog promotion ideas to show off.

2 more blog promotion tips that strikes the reader's mind psychologically are showing off. And how to do that. Very simple, you just have to convince your readers that my website is awesome. So to accomplish this you have 2 widgets that you can use to promote your blog .

  • Add user testimonials.
  • Add recent comment widget.

Everyone wants to see how his readers and visitors are responding to this website. And if they write good comments then show it to the world. It will again strike the mind of users or readers and will convince them to believe in your work.

He shows ISI mark certificate . You need to show this:-

As a salesman to convince users to purchase that product first he needs to promote that product and for that purpose he shows some certificate to his clients to show that it has that potential. And now what is the connection of this tip to blog promotion.

You can use similar thing not with the ISI certificate but with many other web certificates and widgets like.

Alexa rank widget.

It gives your website or blog's international rank among the other bloggers. So use this if you have a good rank like I do.


If you do not have good Alexa rank means you don't get Google traffic. So for getting Google traffic read the below post:-

There are some other widgets that strikes the user's mind like Webutation widget.


I checked it for my website and the results are just above, That website gave me 95 marks out of 100.

It will strike for a few but not for all.

All such things make your blog unique and your blog will automatically spread like air in the blogger community. That is why I am focusing on other blog promotion ideas that most of the people do not know.

He Dressed Up Like Businessman.

As a salesman he needs to look very professional because it will also affect his selling. So he put on a nice suit and started working.

Same thing applies to us. Show author info in your blog as a sidebar widget or below the post. And attach a professional photo that really presents you like a big deal and respected person. Again it will strike and will help you for more exposure. It also makes your blog professional and I think this is also a good blog promotion idea.

So this was the some uncommon blog promotion ideas that were extracted from the salesman. There are many others too that I will share in my next posts.

Time for some common blog promotion ideas.

For all those people who are searching some common and most used way for blog promotion. I am sharing below those all blog promotion ideas that will help you to promote your blog.

  • Make Videos and submit them to video sharing sites like :- YouTube, Metacafe, Dailymotion.
  • Share your posts on Google plus, Facebook, Twitter , Pinterest and LinkedIn.
  • Submit guest posts to other relevant blogs in your niche.
  • Use ping tools after publishing a post.
  • Submit your RSS Feed to RSS Feed directories.
  • Submit your article to article submission directories.
  • Use forums.
  • Comment on commentluv blogs that shows your recent posts.
  • Take interview and convert them into backlinks .

So these were all the common and uncommon blog promotion ideas. All the uncommon blog promotion ideas are taken and extracted from my conversation with my salesman friend and all the common blog promotion tips are from my experience in blogging journey.
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