Blogging Tips To Find .edu and .gov Websites for Backlinks

Blogging tips to find .edu and .gov websites to create and get backlinks. Along with anchor text enabled website, dofollow website who likes to give you backlinks.

Blogging Tips To Find .edu and .gov Websites for Backlinks
Blogging Tips To Find .edu and .Gov Websites for Backlinks

Google rewards those websites which have got backlinks from .edu websites because quality matter than the quantity so always try to get backlinks from .edu website but the question is how to find .edu websites who willing to give you backlinks. Well this article is all about how to find those websites which are dofollow and also who allows you to put your anchor text in the comments so that your search engine visibility increases for those keywords. And you get more and more organic search results or google search results. SEO tips to get google search results

We will use an online well established website which will give you all the important related website that you are finding on Google to get backlinks.

Type of Blogs and website To Get Backlinks

You can find these kind of websites if you want to create or get backlinks

  • .edu Blogs
  • .Gov blogs
  • Anchor text in commentator blogs
  • Angela's backlinks
  • Commentluv premium blogs
  • Do follow comment blogs
  • Expression engine forums
  • Hubpages hot hubs
  • Keywordluv blogs
  • livefyre blogs
  • Intense debate blogs
  • Squidoo lenses add to list.

How to find websites for backlinks

How to use this to get backlinks. It is very simple just type your keywords in the keyword section which matches with your website content or anchor text.


how to find .edu websites for backlinks
How to find .edu websites for backlinks

And choose the type of blog you want to search for. And hit search button a new page will open in your browser showing results based upon your query that you made in this website.
how to find .edu websites for backlinks
How to find .edu websites for backlinks

And now the next thing visit those websites and make a good comment on those websites which have a good Alexa rank or page rank. And get backlinks so I think you got the answer  for how to get backlinks from .edu websites and how to create backlinks. But remember only backlinks are not efficient you need to have some good on page optimization blogging tips to get Google search results

Blogging tips

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