Which Topic Will Be Best For New Blogger? 100% Guaranteed Results

Perhaps you are thinking of creating a blog and starting to write , but you are still not sure about what topic you could start it. I understand you, it is something that costs a little.

Which Topic Will Be Best For New Blogger?

This is a point of vital importance, that you have to think very well before jumping into the pool, since as you know a very high percentage of blogs are abandoned within the first six months after their creation.

This is due in large part to a hasty choice of the theme of our blog and the wrong choice of the market niche.

Many bloggers start with a topic that they see is current and very successful … but that in reality has nothing to do with them and does not motivate them personally, it is abandonment meat.

That is why the gurus say that we should look for a theme that has to do with our tastes and hobbies, that we are passionate about. Focus on passion first .

In other cases, although the theme of the blog in principle is something that we like and we are good at, blogs are abandoned due to lack of inspiration or stagnation when writing posts.

To position ourselves as experts, it is important to fully understand the subject we are going to discuss .

But you also have to take into account that there are more current and dynamic topics than others . For example, the world of fashion, technology or makeup are subject to constant changes in trends. Every week something new comes in that we can talk about.

However, there are other types of topics on which there can be a great ideological drought after we have enthusiastically discussed their main characteristics.

In this post I offer you 15 thematic ideas to start a blog that are succeeding on the internet today, but only to serve as inspiration and from there you get some idea to create your successful blog.

They are themes that can be customized according to the tastes of each one: for example, no two cooking blogs are the same , because perhaps one blogger has a weakness for Asian dishes, while the other dedicates his blog to recipes with organic ingredients. In addition, these are themes that never go out of style, and about which there will always be new things to write about, since they are constantly evolving. Here I leave you with the 15 proposals.

Table of contents

  • 15 Topics to start a blog

    • 1.- Technology]
    • 2.- Current information
    • 3.- Gastronomy
    • 4.- Fashion
    • 5.- Makeup
    • 6.- “Do it yourself” or DIY
    • 7.- Lifestyle
    • 8.- Entrepreneurship
    • 9.- Coaching
    • 10.- Babies and children
    • 11.- Weight loss
    • 12.- Sport
    • 13.- Travel
    • 14.- Photography
    • 15.- Design)

15 Best Topics For New Blogger

1.- Technology

This class of technology blogs can be dedicated to a specific type of electronic device, such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. or to a specific brand, such as Applesfera. They can be focused on the technological part, but also on the consumption or utilities of certain devices .

Here you have to be very aware of new trends, the apps that are coming to the market, the pre-launches of new products, the functionalities, etc. In other words, in addition to being a field that you like and that you master, you also have to be a little “geek” when it comes to new technologies and digital devices.

2.- Current information

It can also be on a specific theme or focused on a specific country, etc.

This type of blog is less “blog” and more digital newspaper , since, although there are editorials and opinion articles, normally in an information blog the public also expects to be able to read objective news. An example of this type of blog would be the Huffington Post .

3.- Gastronomy

You know, typical dishes, food recipes and above all many “cute” photos of delicacy dishes that we don’t know how they will taste but that are sooo cute on the plate.

The main topic of a gastronomic blog can be specific or particular , from a blog of desserts, gastronomy or vegetarian to a blog of Australian aboriginal recipes.

Everything is possible!

4.- Fashion

Also called “egobloggers”, bloggers who have a blog focused on the world of fashion have to be aware of everything related to the world : the latest trends, fashion magazines, what is in the shop windows today, trends of the next season … etc.

Obviously, you are also expected to be an icon in your sector and not to go around dressed in a tracksuit.

5.- Makeup

The other of the star topics par excellence within the female blogger community (and also male, although much less).

Within this type of blog, the latest makeup trends are discussed, product opinions are shared, makeup tutorials are shown … And, of course, as in the previous section, a “makeup guru” is expected to look good. flawless, without shine or grain or other bumps.

6.- “Do it yourself” or DIY

This section is very broad since within the “craft world” or “do it yourself” we can include practically any topic.

You can have a blog where you talk about how to make your own clothes, either sewing or weaving; how to create things with recycled materials; how to make your own jewelry and beads… Depending on the type, the different DIY blogs will vary greatly from each other.

In those of sewing it may be that clothing patterns are shared or sold, in those of costume jewelery it is also very likely that the blogger’s creations are for sale… Within the craft world, anything is possible!

7.- Lifestyle

Or what is the same, “lifestyle”. This is also a very broad concept, since here it depends a lot on the lifestyle that each blogger in question leads. An example of this type of blog would be that of Pratibha Mod .
It is a blog style in theory much more personal, but it is not so much, since the blogger must have some kind of passion or skill to share with his audience . Nowadays hooking only with your own personal diary in fascicles does not sell.

8.- Entrepreneurship

Another of the hot topics within the current blogging scene.

Since starting a blog and leading it to success is already entrepreneurship, anyone with a recognized experience and track record in this field can start such a blog .

There are many examples of this type of blogging with bloggers who started with another type of blog, on any other topic, and who were learning how to create a valid strategy through the technique of “trial and error”.

9.- Coaching

Today coaching has become fashionable, to the point that there are coaches for everything: food, work, lifestyle, personal problems, etc.

Normally these types of blogs are usually the complement of a coach who works as such in a physical consultation and wants to attract potential clients by promoting their services in this way. Or perhaps you offer your services digitally through Skype sessions.

Therefore, this is a type of subject that in many cases does require you to be a professional in the field. It is not enough to be an expert. Read this article for more information Blogger Branding.

10.- Babies and children

Or as it is known in English, thematic “parenting”.

Usually the bloggers who write this type of blog are moms (although there are also some other dads), so this type of blog focused on parenting is often known as a “mom blog”.

This type of parenting topic can encompass thousands of subtopics. Here we can include blogs about the first months of the baby, pregnancy and childbirth, the first years of life, infant feeding, the world of baby carriers, breastfeeding, education and stimulation …

Although in some cases the blogger who writes is a recognized or qualified expert in pedagogy or the like, it is usually a mother (or father) who recounts her own experiences and everything learned during her own journey in the exciting world of having a child.

11.- Weight loss

It is a type of blog aimed at offering tips for losing weight.

You do not have to be a nutritionist to do this, although then we must specify well that we are not professionals , but someone who wants to share their own weight loss tricks.

In this type of blog we can focus on different topics, such as different low-calorie recipes, explain how the different best-known diets work, share exercises and other tricks to lose weight.

12.- Sport

There are blogs dedicated to the sport practiced by the blogger who writes them, since as we well know the best option is to look for a topic that you are passionate about.

The sports covered can be many, but nowadays running is very much in vogue, and blogs that share information on how to plan your workouts , the most appropriate clothing for running, routes, marathons, etc. enjoy great popularity.

13.- Travel

Another of the great themes in the world of blogging.

In addition, people who are passionate about traveling can take their laptop anywhere, and you will have the ability to continue your blog work seamlessly from anywhere in the world

Some travel blogs are usually more general, others explore in depth the characteristics of a certain region or country.

Again, it all depends a lot on the blogger who writes it, and each one is able to give their travel blog a unique personality and touch.

14.- Photography

Sharing your best photo creations with the world has never been easier.

A photographer’s blog must be, above all, very visual, and it also offers the possibility of selling your work to your audience, being able to decide for yourself which digital rights you are selling along with your photography. An interesting market niche if you know how to differentiate yourself.

15.- Design

Something similar to photography blogs, since a graphic designer’s blog is aimed at making his artistic creations known to the world, although a designer also looks for clients with whom he can close a project to design their corporate website or blog. .

Of course, many graphic designers also sell pre-designed templates or logos, stationery, prints, etc. on their blog .

Of course, there are many more themes to start a blog that are successful. These are only 15 of the most popular on these dates.

I hope you have found inspiration to start your own blog as soon as possible! And if you don’t have technical knowledge, I’ll help you with SEO Tips for ranking for digital entrepreneurs.

I wait for you in the comments and share it with your tribe. See you soon!