Above-the-fold: What Kind Of Content Do People Want To See

When creating content for a site, the task is always to please not only users, but also search engines. This allows you to appear on the top lines of the search results for key queries relevant to the resource and receive targeted traffic. Not so long ago, the Google algorithm preferred content at the top of the page - it considered it more valuable in advance. 

Above-the-fold: What Kind Of Content Do People Want To See

Based on the corresponding patterns, web designers created layouts for sites, and copywriters wrote texts. But how relevant is it now? How does the content at the top of the page affect the ranking of a site in the Google search engine today? Does this arrangement of content provide an advantage in SEO promotion or search algorithms no longer take this into account that where the key information is located on the page?

What is Above-the-fold

Above the fold is the top half of the visible part of the site on the first screen. Those. that part of the site that the user can see immediately without using scrolling.

What is Above-the-fold on the website for?

Today Above the fold refers more to websites than to newspapers. Much attention is paid to this part at all stages of working with the site - from development to content filling. It is customary to place information here that is most important for achieving the business goals of the site, as it has increased attention from users.

After exploring the content on the first screen, the user should be tempted to continue their user journey on the site. The next action can be scrolling the page, moving to another page, etc. As a result, on commercial sites it all boils down to one thing - conversions . And the more engaging the first screen is, the higher the resulting conversion rate will be for the site owner.

Important! Above the fold has no more than 15 seconds (actually half as much) to capture the user’s attention and make them want to continue interacting with the site. At a minimum, scroll the page and get acquainted with the content remaining on it. If this fails, then 88% of visitors will have a negative user experience and be less likely to return to the site Amazon Web Services.

Above-the-fold in the mobile world

The generally accepted value of the first screen has long been considered 1000x600 pixels. These options are most common when pairing a 1024x786 pixel monitor and browser with a missing toolbar at the top (if it does, it will push the content down).

However, with the advent of smartphones, Above-the-fold dimensions have changed significantly. As more and more people visit websites from mobile devices, the first screen parameters have decreased to 320x568 and 360x640 pixels. And following the desire to make them user experience comfortable, there was such a thing as adaptability.

Responsive pages differ from conventional pages in that they recognize the environment they are in and adapt to it. Pages don’t have a fixed layout and the content easily takes the right shape for the person on the other side of the screen. Moreover, they also “react” to orientation - if the user switches from portrait to landscape mode by turning the device over, the web page design will immediately take on a new, more convenient form for interaction.

How Content at the Top of the Page Affects SEO

Obviously, for UX, the important content at the top of the page still matters. Is it true from the point of view SEO optimization? Is it possible to get a ranking advantage if you focus the main information at the top, said Google employee John Mueller on SEO video conferencing.

I don’t think we have strong preferences in this regard ,” commented John Mueller and explained what should be on Above-the-fold with an example. “ So, for example, if a user comes to your website and just sees a big holiday photo and needs to scroll down a bit to get information about the hotel, then that would be a problem for us. But if they go to your home page and see a photo of the hotel at the top, along with some information about the hotel, then that’s fine. So some of the content still needs to be .”

Giving an explanation, John Mueller emphasized the new principles of how Google’s search algorithms work. Today, robots can understand the context of the entire page and correlate it with the right one. search query, even if the exact match doesn’t have that query at the top. Thus, you no longer need to resort to spamming to get robots interested. It is enough to give a clear description of the page based on thematic words, and the algorithms themselves will put together a complete “picture” of your activity in the context of the entire page and site.

Conclusions and recommendations for content creation for Above-the-fold

When creating content for the visible zone, you need to understand the difference between the old and the new algorithm Google and do not downplay the importance of user experience. The top of the page is like a hook that is designed to capture the user’s attention, arouse interest and give a clear understanding of where the person is and what he needs to do. At the same time, you should avoid unnecessary content that will scatter the user’s attention and take him away from the target action.

Here are some guidelines to help you create Above-the-fold content that both humans and algorithms will love:

  • Make this part of the page such that at a glance you can evaluate all its functionality and get an answer to your request. For example, if you provide loader services, then a photo of workers on the road, a few lines with a USP , an application form and a CTA button that leads to a page about you or with a price list for your services will be enough.
  • Create an opportunity for interaction through interesting content. Micro-copywriting on CTA buttons in the spirit of “Get a discount” or “Do you want us to call you back?” can positively impact conversions.
  • Good content = user friendly content. Are you making a video? Take care of the subtitles. Posted a video at the top of the page? Take care of the autorun and the on / off button. Have you added a photo? Please allow me to view it enlarged.
  • Be yourself - use brand colors and tone-of-voice. It is desirable that the site design be consistent with all other communication channels.
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