5 Things That Will Help You Explode Your Blog in 2022(100% Result)

We all start the blog from 0, even those of us who already have other blogs, we can help each other with social networks, but ranking is something that we cannot accelerate and that we all have to go through in the same way. When we start out, we often ask ourselves, what am I doing wrong? People may not be reading, commenting, or following us; Well, there are some things that we can do from the beginning and that can help us with these points to exploit and rank the blog .

5 Things That Will Help You Explode Your Blog in 2022

In our guide you will be able to overcome all those obstacles that come our way when creating a new blog and make it your way of life, which will allow you to reconcile work and family life, and live from what you most you like it.

Today I leave you 5 tips that can help you exploit the blog , they will help you get noticed, establish a community and make your blog a full-time job.


It is essential to be passionate about the work so that it works as it should, you have to ask yourself: Is the blog fun for me? Am I enjoying it? I want to do it? You must answer “yes” to these questions in order to carry out your blog.

Getting people to read to us, seeing how we grow little by little … requires a great effort, you have to fight and put passion into it to achieve it. To find that passion you have to write so that others want to read us, you can ask yourself why you follow other blogs, what do you like about them, why do you connect … and follow these SEO Tips .


Now that we have the passion, we have to plan. What do you want from your blog? Remember that this can change. Maybe you started the blog with an idea and over time you have modified it. No problem, on the contrary, that shows that it evolves with you, when our plan changes, so do our priorities and therefore the strategy of our blog.

You must consider what you want to achieve, more followers, earn money, millions of people who read us, help someone? Whatever it is, write it down and create posts that are centered around your goals.

For me it is important to plan, I schedule my publications and social media , which helps me to be more consistent and therefore to grow (I have yet to make a post with the way I schedule my blog). There are some plugins that can help you like WP Editorial Calendar.

When I find a new blog that I like, the first thing I do is search their social networks to follow it. However, on more than one occasion I have not found social networks anywhere, so, if we do not have a way to follow it, no matter how much we like it, we lose contact.

Not everyone is on all social networks, but you should at least have the most powerful ones: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Like it or not, social networks play a very important role in blog visits and help us grow organically, so it is important to have them to exploit the blog. If you want to know a little more, you can see how to increase the blog’s online visibility .


Relationships with other bloggers helps expand your blog’s online presence, making it beneficial for everyone. These are the people who read your blog, comment on the posts, share our work, and maybe even buy from us. For me, this is the most important key to success, relationships with others.

If you still don’t know anyone (weird), you can’t wait for people to come to you, you have to be proactive. Search online, on twitter, on blogs similar to yours, comment on their posts, and follow these 3 easy ways to drive blog traffic .


Having a newsletter provides a way to communicate DIRECTLY with our audience, and on a more personal level. A newsletter or newsletter is one of the best ways to grow and get visits, especially when you want to focus your blog on sale.

I hope these 5 tips will help you to exploit the blog and live from it with the same passion with which I do it, I assure you that it takes a lot of time and work, but it ends up being very worth it.

Have fun! )