AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!

These are the tools needed to understand human behavior according to AI

Social sciences and humanities scholars trying to understand the impact of AI on society.

AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!
AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!

Artificial intelligence is part of almost all human activities, which is why it has also become the center of attention of several scientific studies that clarify its impact on the development of human thought.

One of the most interesting studies is the MIT Quest for Intelligence project, directed and led by the Spanish scientist Antonio Torralba.

Human behavior and artificial intelligence

Understanding how the human brain works and what intelligence is are two concerns that for years have stolen the attention of scholars in different parts of the world.

Based on this scientific curiosity, The Quest for Intelligence was created, an initiative that arose from the presidency of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), with the aim of delving into the behavior of the human brain both from the perspective of neuroscience and at a cognitive level.

Quest , as the researcher calls it for short, represents MIT’s vision of the importance of artificial intelligence to develop the next generation of machine learning tools . “It is a very long-term project that was born with the advantage of having, in a condensed space, a lot of research in neuroscience, cognitive science and machine learning, with numerous researchers who observe the brain at all levels (…)”, he indicates. the specialist.

AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!
AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!

In an interview with Very Interesting, Antonio Torralba, director of the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence and Decision Making, explains that human beings have different sensory modalities from birth; they perceive the outside fundamentally through images, sounds and tactile stimuli.

For this reason, Quest scientists are looking for an approach to develop a technology capable of identifying in an image which objects are making sounds, capturing which pixels are producing the sound stimulus and which component of the noise comes from that pixel, thus uniting the three pathways. cited.

Above all, emphasis is placed on the need to create artificial intelligence capable of developing the sense of touch, since through it the position of objects in space can be determined.

On the other hand, he assures that AI needs a physical structure that is capable of interacting with the world, since for now it only lives in computers, so that in the future the perception of robots can be counted on for future research.

Getting AI to perceive the world the way humans do

The researcher’s ultimate ambition, “although it may sound a bit cliché,” is to build systems that can perceive the world as humans do .

As a first step, he would like to have a robot capable of living at home and helping with household chores. "This is not easy; If it were, they would already be here. All the problems that have to be solved for this are still very green,” she says.

AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!
AI's Top Tools for Decoding Human Behavior!

Torralba also expresses his reasons for advancing on the path of superintelligence: “It is part of the nature of the human being to understand the world around him to adapt and be able to go where others (…), build machines that can reason. It makes us reflect on our own reasoning mechanisms and this can help us improve how we think – how we discriminate or are sensitive to biases, etc. –, correct it and improve it.”

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