9 Little-Known References In The Movie "TITANIC"

After the recent events that the world experienced, it was inevitable to think about the James Cameron film.

9 Little-Known References In The Movie "TITANIC"
9 Little-Known References In The Movie "TITANIC"

Here is a list of curiosities and anecdotes that happened on the set of the movie Titanic.

  1. One of Jack’s drawings is of a one-legged whore.

When Rose is looking at the drawings that Jack has made, the scene that lasts less than a second can be seen.

The drawing shows a woman hired by Jack, who only has one leg and uses crutches.

  1. The Renault car is searched for at the bottom of the ocean to this day

The Renault Type CB Coupe de Ville car was transferred to real life on the Titanic.

Several treasure hunters have organized expeditions to try to find it in the ocean.

  1. The real Titanic sank at 2:20 and the movie showed this detail

The real Titanic collided with the iceberg at 23:40, sinking completely at 2:20.

Although the film hastened the events, it was faithful in showing the clock showing 2:15, just 5 minutes after the ship sank.

  1. The knife that Fabrizio used to cut the ropes appeared at the beginning

In the midst of the chaos, Fabrizio cuts the ropes with a razor, to free the lifeboats.

This razor was won in a card game at the beginning of the movie.

  1. The Rose plank was inspired by an original wreckage from the Titanic

The controversial plank where Rose survives in the ocean was inspired by a piece of wood, salvaged from the incident.

The plank is currently on display at the Atlantic Maritime Museum in Scotland.

  1. This scene from Titanic is a reference to another movie.

This scene where the ship’s designer rests his two hands on the watch, when his “unsinkable” ship is sinking, is a reference.

The film is called “A Night to Remember” (1958), and it is also about the sinking.

  1. The company that owns the Titanic kept pieces of the ship’s original carpet

The carpet design from the film is the same as the one used in the original Titanic.

This was achieved, thanks to the fact that the company “White Star Line” saved pieces of the carpet that was used in the Titanic, after finishing its construction.

  1. They only had one chance to film the flood in the stairwell.

The main stair set was carefully constructed and was fully built after the flood scene.

Cameron knew he only had one chance to shoot the scene, and luckily it turned out great.

  1. Rose’s dog is a reference to the Pomeranians that survived on the Titanic.

This scene of Rose holding a dog is a reference to the dogs that survived the sinking.

The breed of the dogs is also a reference, since there were three canines of the Pomeranian breed.

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