17 Designers Who Transformed Ordinary Objects Into Authentic Works Of Art

A little creativity and design skills can make our lives easier and our cities much more comfortable places. Here’s a compilation of the most fascinating examples of innovations that really benefited our world.

17 Things Whose Real Size You Can Only See By Comparing Them
17 Things Whose Real Size You Can Only See By Comparing Them

creative bathroom design

Dry cleaning stall in Singapore that looks like a giant washing machine

A rustic design sink that simulates the erosion caused by water

A camping trailer that converts to a small powerboat

Cactus Measuring Spoons

Chess board you play on your wall

Self-taught American artist Brian Mock turns salvaged materials into stunning sculptures

Built-in bar designed by Patrick Gwynne at Homewood House, 1938, Surrey, UK

6 meter high doors by Gabriel Schama

puzzle mat

This spacious waterfall shower

Mirrored Lounge Seating by Trix & Robert Haussmann

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Bench made for the homeless to sleep better.

Bedroom with glass roof of this contemporary house

This friendly crab that will hold your pen

A reading chair with built-in shelves around it.

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