Essential Study Resources for CTET EVS

Preparing for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET) requires thorough knowledge of various subjects, including Environmental Studies (EVS). CTET EVS is an important section that tests candidates’ understanding of environmental concepts and their ability to teach them effectively. To excel in this section, it is crucial to have access to the right study resources. In this article, we will explore some essential study resources for CTET EVS that can help you in your preparation journey.


CTET is a highly competitive exam for aspiring teachers in India. Clearing this exam is essential to secure a teaching position in Central Government schools. The EVS section in CTET evaluates candidates’ knowledge of environmental concepts and their pedagogical understanding. To perform well in this section, candidates need to have a strong foundation in EVS and access to effective study resources.

Importance of CTET EVS

Environmental Studies is an integral part of the school curriculum, and teachers play a crucial role in imparting environmental knowledge to students. The CTET EVS section aims to assess candidates’ understanding of various environmental concepts, including biodiversity, pollution, climate change, and sustainable development. By testing candidates’ knowledge and teaching abilities in EVS, CTET ensures that only well-prepared and qualified individuals become teachers.

Textbooks and Reference Materials

To build a strong foundation in CTET EVS, it is essential to refer to high-quality textbooks. Some recommended CTET EVS textbooks include:

  1. “Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure” by R. Rajagopalan
  2. “Teaching of Environmental Studies” by Yash Pal and Arun Kulshreshtha
  3. “Environmental Studies for CTET” by Disha Experts

These textbooks cover the entire CTET EVS syllabus and provide comprehensive explanations of concepts, along with practice questions and sample papers.

Other Useful Reference Materials

In addition to textbooks, there are various other reference materials that can enhance your understanding of CTET EVS. Some of these resources include:

  • “Environmental Studies” by Erach Bharucha
  • “EVS for CTET and TET” by Kalpana Rajaram

These books offer in-depth coverage of EVS topics and provide additional practice questions for self-assessment.

Online Study Resources

In the digital age, online study resources have become immensely popular and beneficial for CTET EVS preparation. Here are some online platforms and resources you can utilize:

Websites and Online Platforms

  • CTET Official Website: The official website of CTET ( provides important notifications, syllabus, and sample question papers. It is a valuable resource to stay updated and access official information.

  • NCERT Official Website: The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) website ( offers free access to EVS textbooks, e-books, and supplementary materials. NCERT books are highly recommended for CTET EVS preparation.

E-books and PDFs

  • NCERT E-books: NCERT E-books for EVS are available on the official website and can be downloaded for free. These e-books provide comprehensive content and practice questions.

  • Online Educational Platforms: Platforms like Study IQ, Unacademy, and Gradeup offer e-books and PDF study materials specifically designed for CTET EVS. These resources often come with detailed explanations and practice exercises.

Video Tutorials and Lectures

  • YouTube Channels: YouTube is a treasure trove of educational content. Many channels provide free video tutorials and lectures on CTET EVS. Some popular channels include Study IQ, Adda247, and EduTap.

  • CTET Online Courses: Online learning platforms like Udemy and Coursera offer CTET-specific courses that include video lectures on EVS. These courses often provide comprehensive coverage of the syllabus along with quizzes and assignments for practice.

Mock Tests and Practice Papers

To assess your progress and improve your problem-solving skills, practicing mock tests and solving practice papers is crucial. Here are some resources for CTET EVS mock tests and practice papers:

CTET EVS Mock Tests

  • CTET Previous Year Question Papers: Solving previous year question papers gives you an idea of the exam pattern and helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses. You can find these papers on various educational websites and platforms.

  • Online Mock Test Series: Websites like Gradeup, Testbook, and EduGorilla offer CTET-specific mock test series. These mock tests simulate the actual exam environment and provide detailed performance analysis.

Practice Papers and Sample Questions

  • CTET Guide Books: Guide books for CTET EVS, such as those by Arihant and Disha Experts, contain practice papers and sample questions. These resources help you practice different types of questions and improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Online Practice Websites: Websites like TopperLearning and TCYonline provide a wide range of practice questions and quizzes for CTET EVS. These platforms offer a large database of questions categorized by topic and difficulty level.

Study Groups and Forums

Joining study groups and online forums can be highly beneficial for collaborative learning and problem-solving. Here are some platforms where you can find CTET EVS study groups:

  • Facebook Groups: There are several Facebook groups dedicated to CTET preparation. Joining these groups allows you to interact with like-minded individuals, share resources, and seek guidance from experienced candidates.

  • Reddit Communities: Reddit has active communities like r/CTET and r/Teachers that discuss CTET-related topics. These communities can provide valuable insights and support during your preparation.

Coaching Institutes and Online Courses

While self-study is important, coaching institutes and online courses can provide structured guidance and expert mentoring. Consider the following options for CTET EVS coaching:

CTET EVS Coaching Institutes

  • Vidya Guru: Vidya Guru is a well-known coaching institute that offers comprehensive CTET preparation, including EVS. They provide experienced faculty, study materials, and regular mock tests.

  • Career Launcher: Career Launcher offers both classroom and online CTET coaching programs. Their EVS faculty provides in-depth knowledge and

regular doubt-clearing sessions.

Online Courses for CTET EVS

  • Gradeup Super: Gradeup Super offers an all-in-one subscription that gives you access to multiple CTET courses, including EVS. Their courses include video lectures, study materials, and mock tests.

  • BYJU’S: BYJU’S is a popular online learning platform that provides CTET courses with a focus on EVS. Their courses offer video lessons, interactive quizzes, and personalized learning support.

Mobile Apps for CTET EVS

Harnessing the power of mobile learning can be advantageous. Here are some mobile apps that offer CTET EVS preparation resources:

  • CTET Exam App: The CTET Exam App provides comprehensive study materials, practice questions, and mock tests for all sections, including EVS. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

  • Gradeup: The Gradeup app offers CTET-specific courses and study materials, including EVS. The app provides video lectures, quizzes, and daily current affairs updates.

Social Media Groups and Pages

Social media platforms can be excellent sources of study materials and updates. Look for CTET EVS-related groups and pages on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram. Many educators and coaching institutes share useful content, tips, and strategies through these platforms.

Importance of Regular Practice and Revision

To excel in CTET EVS, regular practice and revision are essential. Design a study schedule that includes dedicated practice sessions and revision time. Focus on understanding the concepts, solving practice questions, and revisiting topics periodically. Consistency and persistence will yield positive results.


Preparing for the CTET EVS section requires access to a variety of study resources. Textbooks, online platforms, mock tests, coaching institutes, and mobile apps can all contribute to your preparation. Use a combination of these resources based on your learning style and preferences. Remember to stay consistent, practice regularly, and revise thoroughly. With the right study resources and dedicated efforts, you can enhance your chances of clearing the CTET EVS section and becoming a successful teacher.


  1. What are the best CTET EVS textbooks?
    Some recommended CTET EVS textbooks include “Environmental Studies: From Crisis to Cure” by R. Rajagopalan and “Teaching of Environmental Studies” by Yash Pal and Arun Kulshreshtha. Additionally, the “Environmental Studies for CTET” book by Disha Experts is also highly recommended.

  2. Are online study resources sufficient for CTET EVS preparation?
    Online study resources can be highly beneficial for CTET EVS preparation. They provide access to a wide range of materials, including e-books, video lectures, and mock tests. However, it is important to supplement online resources with textbooks and practice papers for comprehensive preparation.

  3. How can I find CTET EVS mock tests?
    You can find CTET EVS mock tests on various online platforms such as Gradeup, Testbook, and EduGorilla. Additionally, CTET guide books and previous year question papers also contain practice papers and sample questions for self-assessment.

  4. Are coaching institutes necessary for CTET EVS preparation?
    Coaching institutes can provide structured guidance, expert faculty, and regular mock tests, which can be beneficial for CTET EVS preparation. However, self-study with the help of online resources and reference materials can also be effective. It ultimately depends on your learning style and preferences.

  5. Can mobile apps really help in CTET EVS preparation?
    Yes, mobile apps can be valuable tools for CTET EVS preparation. Many apps offer video lectures, study materials, practice questions, and mock tests. They provide the flexibility to learn on the go and make efficient use of your time. However, it is important to choose reputable and reliable apps that offer quality content.

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