WhatsApp: so you can activate the "Halloween mode"

This application is already fused with the daily life of a large part of the world’s population. For that reason, it doesn’t hurt to get into Halloween mode from this messaging tool.

WhatsApp: so you can activate the "Halloween mode"
WhatsApp: so you can activate the "Halloween mode"

Halloween or witches night, is a worldwide phenomenon that is expected by millions of people every year , this day is celebrated on October 31 and is usually the perfect excuse to wear costumes of favorite characters, decorate homes and go out to fill candy baskets.

WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most used social networks worldwide, this application is already fused with the daily life of a large part of the world population. For that reason it is worth getting into Halloween mode from this messaging server .

Task that is going to be made easier thanks to the multiple options that exist to be able to interact with the contacts within the application by means other than simple text.

The Mag digital platform of El Comercio , exposes some tips to get into “Halloween” mode through WhatsApp . In the first place, the background colors of the application must be changed for one according to the moment, orange or black, characteristic colors.

For them, you must enter the “WhatsApp Settings” area, then select the “Chats” option and there touch where it says “Wallpaper”, in this way the available colors will be displayed, there will be the characteristic orange of day of witches.

A very characteristic action of Halloween is to send blank messages to the closest contacts , to achieve this you have to go to the Unicode portal where you can paste the desired text and then paste it back into the respective chat and thus produce uncertainty between contacts.

Converting the WhatsApp icon into a figure alluding to Halloween can be another very good option to enter “Digital Halloween” mode , to achieve this you must download the desired image in PNG format, use the Nova Launcher application to customize the image.

Then, the WhatsApp icon must be pressed and exchanged for the chilling graphic piece chosen and personalized by the same user. It will certainly be a novelty within the social circle.

If the idea is to continue creating mystery among contacts, another popular strategy is to reply to messages without changing the last connection time . For this it is necessary to disconnect from the internet or activate the “airplane mode”, then enter the windows to answer messages, when finished the connection must be reestablished.

This is the option to include links in the videos or images that are published in the states . In other words, until now links could be included in the states, but WhatsApp interprets them as normal text. Now users will be able to click on the inserted link and it will immediately take them to the destination page.

The function was discovered by WABetainfo , from where they clarify that the new option is available in the beta version of the app, for the moment. The edition corresponding to the new update is, released through Google Play a few days ago.

Unfortunately, only users adhered to the WhatsApp beta program will be able to enjoy the function . Of course, the feature is very similar to what is found in Instagram stories, since Meta is the same parent company behind both apps.

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