Your Tesla as PC Gaming: Now Elon Musk wants them to be able to run Steam games

A few months ago we discovered that the Teslas have a power close to that of a PS5 inside: the AMD chips that they integrate give the possibility of taking advantage of their screens to play video games, and after some previous promises now Elon Musk returns to the charged with this controversial use of their cars.

Your Tesla as PC Gaming: Now Elon Musk wants them to be able to run Steam games
Your Tesla as PC Gaming: Now Elon Musk wants them to be able to run Steam games

From Easter egg to something more serious . The Tesla touch screen has always stood out as a great way to enjoy the infotainment system of these vehicles, but Elon Musk already made his intentions clear in October 2018, when the Tesla software update to version 9.0 included an egg of Easter that allowed you to play old Atari titles like ‘Missile Command’.

It was just the beginning, and those improvements and updates would gradually continue to offer surprises. Last Christmas, for example, the option to play the original ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ arrived .

The promise of ‘Cyberpunk 2077’… In February Musk dreamed of the possibility of using a Tesla to play ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ or ’ The Witcher ', a game that is especially visually demanding but that apparently could run without apparent problems in the Tesla Cybertrucks.

And now Steam . In February, Musk already pointed to the possibility of offering support for Steam games in Teslas, and for him it was “the obvious long-term option” compared to the development of specific video games for these vehicles. Now Musk has just indicated that Steam support is progressing apace: if all goes well there will be a demo “probably next month”, in August.

Playing in the car is the future . At least for Musk, who poses this option as one of the most interesting when we can enjoy a fully autonomous car. That will allow the passenger to enjoy all kinds of options without having to pay attention to the road, and one of them is to play video games, which is precisely what Musk and his team are preparing these vehicles for.

But . The truth is that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has already stopped Musk. After starting an investigation of this feature in Tesla, they decided not to offer that option to enjoy video games on the screen except in one case: that the car was completely stopped. In motion, not even the passengers could activate this function.

A distant option . The truth is that Musk’s promises related to the autonomy of the Tesla do not stop causing problems . Autonomy is still far from being level 5 — total autonomy —, and in fact manufacturers like Mercedes seem to have “advanced” Tesla and already allow watching movies while their cars are driven only on German highways.

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