iPhone 8 Plus explodes and leaves man with loss of vision

Last Sunday (10), a 28-year-old farmer, resident in the municipality of Pedra Branca, CearĂ¡, was injured and had part of his vision compromised after an iPhone exploded near his face.

Leandro Brasil Silva was having lunch with his family when he noticed that his cell phone, an iPhone 8 Plus , began to heat up and swell in his hand. When trying to verify what was happening, the device exploded and caught fire , reaching Leandro’s eyes.

iPhone 8 Plus explodes and leaves man with loss of vision
iPhone 8 Plus explodes and leaves man with loss of vision

The family immediately took the boy to a hospital in the municipality, but he ended up being transferred to a unit in Fortaleza because of the seriousness of the case. However, Leandeo was only medicated and anesthetized by a specialist from Hospital Instituto Dr. Jose Frota.

According to Lucivando Silva, Leandro’s brother, the young man had only 80% of his vision in his left eye and 20% in his right eye. According to the family member, the victim’s cell phone was not being charged during the explosion, and he adds that patience is needed to monitor the brother’s condition: “We have to wait to see if the medication evolves into something. and pray a lot for everything to work out”.

In an interview, the young man’s family comments that Leandro paid more than R$2,000 for the device at the IF Accessories store . In a note to Uol , the owner of the establishment revealed that that iPhone 8 Plus was already a second-hand cell phone , but that it had not yet been used much by its former owners.

Also, one of the buyers reported that the smartphone had battery issues. The owner of IF Accessories also commented that another person was the victim of an explosion and asked for his help.

This isn’t the first time an older iPhone has exploded and injured a user. In 2019, an iPhone 6 caught fire in Texas, United States, injuring Robert Franklin, who injured his eyes and wrists. At the time, the victim sued Apple for the incident.

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