Instagram Expands The Creative Options Of The Reels, What Is It About?

Instagram expands the creative options of the reels, what is it about?

This social network currently has 1,478 million active users in a month.

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Instagram Expands The Creative Options Of The Reels, What Is It About?
Instagram has become one of the fastest growing networks in the world, taking into account the new features that it has been introducing since its creation on October 6, 2010.

Currently, it has 1,478 million active users in a month and since its appearance it has been strengthened by going from the publication of photos and videos, to the possibility of publishing reels , which are short videos, which have become popular and have tried counterbalance your TikTok competition.

With the purpose of promoting creative content on the platform, it announced the expansion of the options offered by remixes , that is, the short video ( reel ) that a user creates by attaching their recording to another creator of the social network, with new designs, templates and recording modes.

These remixes show the two recordings simultaneously, with the original short video on the left and the new user-made one on the right.

This design is going to introduce new options, so that users can opt for a green screen, a horizontal or vertical split screen or a picture-in-picture reaction view.

It will also be possible to embed the user’s video after the original, to be played next. In addition to the videos, users will be able to combine public photos, a novelty that will arrive in the coming weeks.

The novelties of the remixes are completed with new templates and dual recording, which allows you to use the front and rear cameras at the same time, according to an Instagram statement.

Likewise, and to give greater prominence to short videos, he reported that any recording with a duration of less than 15 minutes will be automatically shared as a reel . This is a change that will only affect new videos.

These videos, in addition, if they are shared from a public account, may appear in recommendations, as long as they have a duration of less than 90 seconds.

Update of the map to search for restaurants, shops and places of interest

On the other hand, the map of the Instagram social network expanded its functions with the search and filtering of places, which will allow users to locate restaurants, shops and places of interest in the style of Google Maps.

The social network indicated that it is intended that users can search the map for popular sites that are nearby from the labels, directly from the feed or from the stories.

As I indicate that, manually, you can also search from Explore.

Along with the search by means of labels, the social network also allows locating places, through filtering categories, to discover restaurants, beauty centers or places of interest, as stated in its publication on Twitter.

This novelty advances in the functions that Instagram offers and that brings it closer, on this occasion, to Google Maps. Like this, the Meta platform also embraces the community experience as users can share posts, stories and guides with the sites’ tags.

Points with icons are identified on the map, in which the user can click to see the publications related to that site from other users of the social network or the professional profile page to obtain more information.

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