Halo: YouTuber Builds 'Real' In-Game Missile Launcher

A YouTuber has built a replica of Halo 's SPNKr Rocket Launcher capable of firing real rockets. Obviously and luckily, the projectiles don’t explode—which, of course, doesn’t make the feat any less amazing.

Halo: YouTuber Builds 'Real' In-Game Missile Launcher
Halo: YouTuber Builds 'Real' In-Game Missile Launcher

The recreation of the game’s missile launcher was the work of the engineer known as Jairus of All , who had been sharing the progress of the project on his YouTube channel. Last month, he published a video showing the end result of his work.

Below, you can see a recreation of the SPNKr Rocket Launcher in action — with a cameo from a certain character from the Xbox series:

In the video, Jairus talks about the process of creating the replica rocket launcher seen in the games, and at one point in the video, the Master Chief himself appeared to test the prototype. The first tests ended up failing because of minor technical issues, something the engineer was able to resolve quickly. He also explained how the shape of the projectiles had to be revised a few times to avoid imbalance in the path towards the target.

On his website, where fans can purchase products such as channel-themed t-shirts, Jairus has offered a copy of the replica’s blueprint for sale , as well as the files necessary for others to recreate the project at home . The engineer also maintains a Patreon page where users can subscribe and help maintain the YouTube channel’s activities and projects

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