Due To Misinformation, Videos With This Theme Will Be Removed From Youtube

Due to misinformation, videos with this theme will be removed from YouTube

Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and other technology companies have been questioned at the time for not taking action.

Due To Misinformation, Videos With This Theme Will Be Removed From Youtube
YouTube announced on Thursday, July 21, that it took steps to ban abortion-related misinformation, nearly a month after the US Supreme Court struck down the federal right to voluntary termination of pregnancy.

“Beginning today and for the next several weeks, we will remove content that instructs on unsafe abortion methods or promotes false claims about the dangers of abortion ,” a spokeswoman for the platform said.

Google’s video service will add abortion content to its medical misinformation policies , which already ban false or misleading content about covid or vaccines.

He cited as examples “claims that abortions are very risky or often cause cancer or infertility.”

“We are continually evaluating our policies and products as real-life events unfold,” the spokeswoman noted.

Since the Supreme Court dynamited the right to abortion (until now in force throughout the United States since 1973), several conservative states have already restricted or prohibited access to abortion interventions.

Google, Meta (Facebook, Instagram) and other technology companies have been questioned several times on this issue by legislators and associations, who have called on the platforms to protect women, ensuring that messages and offers of help remain online and, above all, that they no longer store so much personal data.

The platforms fear that the personal information of women who have had abortions or individuals who have helped them (online searches, Uber rides, etc.) will be used against them by prosecutors in conservative states that have outlawed abortion.

In early July, Google announced that users’ location data would be automatically deleted when visiting an abortion clinic.

Jen Fitzpatrick, vice president of the technology giant, also assured that her teams often “reject” requests from the authorities “when they are too long.”

YouTube also clarified Thursday that an information panel on abortions would be added, to “give people context from local and international health authorities.”

Blocked in Russia, the news channel Dozhd resumes its broadcasts from abroad through YouTube

The opposition television channel Dozhd, which suspended its activities after being blocked in Russia, resumed its broadcasts from abroad on Monday.

On its YouTube channel, the outlet broadcasts from 5:00 p.m. GMT an informative program presented by its chief editor and star presenter, Tikhon Dziadko.

On March 3, in the first days of the Russian offensive in Ukraine, Dozhd chose to suspend its work after being closed by the Russian telecoms regulator, Roskomnadzor, which criticized it for its critical coverage of the conflict.

The Russian authorities then adopted legislation that punishes the dissemination of “false information” about the Russian army with up to 15 years in prison.

Several opponents and journalists have already been prosecuted for this reason after having denounced the military operation in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the websites of dozens of other independent media outlets have been blocked in Russia and many journalists have chosen exile to avoid prosecution.

In a statement, Dozhd said it had opened a new editorial office in Latvia and received a license for broadcast in the European Union.

In addition, it specifies that it will have newsrooms in Riga, Amsterdam, Tbilisi and Paris.

"During the four and a half months that Dozhd did not work, a bloody and senseless war, led by the leaders of Russia against Ukraine, continued, people die, lives are destroyed," the network noted.

" Today, more than ever, Russian citizens must have access to independent information ", he continued, stressing that the conflict in Ukraine " destroys Ukrainian cities and the future of Russia ".

The channel stated that little by little it will resume its broadcast with free access on social networks, on YouTube and on television networks.

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