Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

The best way to fall in love is to be romantic and one of the ways to be romantic is with phrases that fall in love, they can help you fall in love: So check out which words should be said to a girl for proposing her.
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

Words to say to a girl for proposing her

  • I want you to know that you are the first person I think of when I wake up and who I dream of sleeping with.
  • Maybe I am not the one for you but I still want to make you very happy.
  • I would like you to know how much I wanted to tell you that I am happy with you and I have not yet been able.
  • I am afraid, not of you, but of others, I am very little for you, you deserve much more.
  • I would like to return time, just to tell you when I love you.
  • I like everything about you, even those that you think are your weakness.
  • Let me love you, I will change your fears for happiness, your weaknesses for strengths and your sadness for smiles.
  • My greatest desire is to be the air you breathe, so that you cannot live without me.
  • Happiness is what I feel when I am with you.
  • What I feel for you is so great that celebrating it on Valentine's Day could not be enough, so every day I tell you beautiful phrases that try to explain how much I love you.
  • In a single sentence I will tell you how important you are to me: You are my everything.
  • When you look at my eyes you will see the reflection of the most beautiful thing I have, and you own my heart.
  • If I had a super power, it would be to stop time when we are together, and be able to enjoy your company more.
  • With you I found my best friend and the person I will love the most while I live.
  • Don't worry, I just want to be by your side while you breathe.
  • With your presence you make me feel the most special person in the whole world.
  • I still don't know what I will feel when kissing you, but I do know the happiness it gives me to dream you.
  • A feeling like ours does not need to be understood, it should only be demonstrated.

Phrases to make my boyfriend or girlfriend fall in love

Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

  • Your nonsense, your smiles, your hugs and even your bad jokes made me fall in love.
  • You're always for me, you're like my guardian angel that's why I love you.
  • You have no idea how much I love you, and I am immensely happy by your side.
  • You have fallen in love with every gesture, every detail, every caress and every kiss of yours.
  • You are the most special coincidence that has come to me, and it made me very happy.
  • You have managed to change me and always for the better, Thank you for loving me unconditionally.
  • Let's throw a coin, if it goes expensive you stay with me and if it comes out cross, I stay with you.
  • The best way to describe yourself is that you are just that which I never want to lose.
  • One of my biggest dreams is to wake up at midnight and see you by my side.
  • All the reasons that influence my great happiness can be summed up in two letters: you.
  • You are the owner of my heart, today and forever.
  • When you are in front of the mirror you will see the most beautiful after you, and it is your reflection.
  • You are the person who has managed to conquer this heart, to the point of making me lose my mind.
  • And to think that our story began with a hello.
  • I love you so much, you're too important to me, that's why you're the owner of all my heart.
  • I do not intend to be everything to you, that is to pretend too much, but I am content to be your favorite part.
  • It was only necessary to look into your eyes once, to realize that only you are the woman of my dreams, with whom I wish to be.
  • I want you to stay in my present, be part of my future and never stay in the past, because I simply love you.
  • I like that you tell me phrases where you express that you love me, it makes me very happy that what is in your heart can hear it from your lips.

Phrases that fall in love

Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

  • You are the one I love most in this world, I knew from the moment you came to me, your smile changed everything.
  • Since I met you I liked you, and now that I know you, I have managed to appreciate how wonderful you are, and I can't imagine without you.
  • I don't need elaborate phrases to tell you how much I love you and that I love you just for me.
  • No matter what happens, I only want you by my side, and we will overcome it.
  • I wish that ours will last and be strengthened more over time.
  • A kiss from you is the best definition of love.
  • I really want a future with me.
  • The angels are upset with me, because at night I dream of you and not them.
  • I met you as one more person, but the truth is that I love you like no one else.
  • Being so close to you, makes each one want to fall in love more and more.
  • I could never accept changing a single second by your side, you are special to me.
  • You have bewitched me, because since we met each and every one of my thoughts focus only on you.
  • You didn't even notice that on that day you smiled at me, you stole my heart, and I was glad it was you.
  • Sleep with the angels and dream with me for the moment, because soon you will dream of the angels and sleep with me.
  • You may be far from me, but never from my thoughts.
  • I want to ask God for more pairs of eyes, because only 2 eyes are not enough to enjoy all your beauty.
  • I have known you for a short time, but long enough to tell you that you are very important to me.
  • There is no one who understands me better than you.
  • Only you fill me with that great energy and your heart of all happiness.
  • I feel the luckiest woman to have you by my side.
  • You are very important to me, so I will love you forever and make you feel the most special person in this world.
  • Some fear death and suffering, but my greatest fear is to live without your breath.

Phrases to make a beautiful woman fall in love

Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

  • This I feel for you blooms more every day.
  • At night, when looking at the stars, remember me, because in each star there is a kiss for you.
  • When I see you I have the feeling that what I feel is what they are told to fall in love with.
  • My affection does not stop growing for you, as I know you I appreciate the new qualities of yours that bloom.
  • Does it bother you if I look at you for a moment? I want to remind you in my dreams.
  • If you see me in your thoughts dedicating you phrases I want you to speak very loudly because I need you,
  • I wish I could be the sun that lights your day and the moon that takes care of your dreams.
  • Excuse me if I look for you everywhere, but I need to take care of you. Excuse me for missing you so much, but you're always on my mind, and excuse me if I jealous you, but I've fallen in love with you.
  • You are a very special person, I know because I could have fallen in love with anyone, but my heart chose you.
  • Sorry if I touch you suddenly, but I want to be sure that such a beautiful woman is not a dream.
  • When I look at you, I can't help wondering, how do you fall in love every day
  • When I feel our hands together, I feel safe because you hold my world.
  • From the moment I saw you, I have thought of you, I have dreamed you, I have imagined many phrases for you, anyway… I have fallen in love, and I am not willing to lose you.
  • My desire to be by your side is neither created nor destroyed, it just accumulates, waiting to see you.
  • If someone asks me what is the most beautiful place in the world, the answer is very simple, it is by your side, feeling the warmth of your hugs.
  • I will stop loving you when the stars have gone out.
  • If I had a rose for every time I think of you, I will walk in a beautiful rose bush all the time.
  • You are my dream and my illusion, everything beautiful of a flower sprouting from my heart.
  • Better not go for a walk in a garden, if you do the flowers are going to be sad because they are going to see the most beautiful flower in the place.
  • You are a woman very different from the others, you have something special that I can't understand, and that makes me fall in love more and more.
  • I would like to come to your side and be able to tell you in words everything I express with phrases.
  • From the moment I saw you, I realized that you are the missing piece to be completely happy.
  • I want to be that man who steals your dream, that can make you smile and that means everything to you.
  • Every day that passed, you became someone very special to me.
  • I don't have many things to tell you, but I do want you to know that you are very important to me, and I love you to the depths of my heart.
  • Without realizing it, little by little you have become my first thought upon waking.
  • I love your smile, that's why I always do my best to make you smile.
  • Before you were a friend for me, but after knowing you better, I realize that I want you to be something else.
  • My greatest wish is to always have you by my side and hear you tell me that you love me alone.
  • My greatest desire is to be that person you trust the one you want with you.
  • You are that dream from which I never wish to wake up.
  • I could give you flowers and chocolates to conquer you, but I want to offer you much more.
  • Who writes you phrases from his heart, does it with the intention of winning your heart. Because you are his dream come true.

Phrases to make a friend fall in love

Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

  • As friends we loved each other, as friends we admire each other and eventually fell in love.
  • For everyone you are someone, but for me ... you are my whole world.
  • We all have someone who loves us, awaits us and dreams us ... And in your case, I am that someone.
  • We are friends since I met you, and I apologize for saying phrases like this, but I fell in love with you.
  • I know we are friends, but I don't give up and I want a world with you.
  • I am not perfect, I fight you, I zeal you, I even make you angry, but I love you more every day.
  • You are worth a lot to me, and don't believe anyone who says otherwise.
  • You are as beautiful as a butterfly very difficult to reach, I don't want to catch you in a net, I just want to contemplate your beauty.
  • Although I see you little time a day, believe me when I tell you that I think about you a lot.
  • Your eyes drive me crazy, your scent shakes me, and every time I approach you, I fall more in love.
  • From the first moment I saw you, I knew ... I couldn't help it, but I fell in love with you.
  • My heart is perfect, for the only reason you are in it.
  • Being by your side, I feel in another world, one where only you and I are.
  • You and I will form a perfect world.
  • No matter how much it costs, at some point I will have the opportunity to share wonderful things with you.
  • From the first moment I saw you I knew you were someone very special, a unique person worth falling in love with.
  • You have a charm that I like, and I can't explain, but it makes you unique.

Words or phrases to make a difficult man fall in love

Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

  • Of all that I have, you're the only thing that would hurt me to lose.
  • I won't get tired of telling you that you are the person I always dreamed would be by my side.
  • If it's my turn to decide between loving and breathing, my choice is easy, I would choose to use my last breath to tell you how much I love you.
  • No matter how much I have walked, because all roads lead me to you, that you are my happiness.
  • You are more than my dream, you are my goal, my aspiration and my happiness.
  • Listening to your name makes me sigh, I imagine that that's why when I see you I love you more and more.
  • At your side I feel so happy, that I honestly believe that you are my future.
  • Every time I look at you, I can't stop thinking about so many phrases that express how happy you make me, and how lucky I was to find you.
  • I must confess that in each kiss you give me, a new butterfly falls on my stomach.
  • I may not be able to offer you the best in the world, but I can give you the best of me.
  • The moment I met you, I understood that asking for something else was asking too much.
  • If I do so many crazy things for you, then it's because I fell in love with you.
  • Did you know that penguins choose a partner for their entire lives? We are like penguins.
  • I still remember the first time we held hands, and that feeling of never wanting to let go.

  • Pretty words to fall in love with
  • Loving you has been the second best thing that happened to me, the first was to meet you.
  • Feeling the deep affection that someone gives you, gives you energy, and loving someone deeply, gives you courage.
  • It makes me very happy to be able to draw a smile on your face.
  • I could never have imagined how great someone can be loved, until I met you.
  • In an hour I met you, in a day I fell in love, but I guarantee that I will never forget you.
  • The actions fall in love, the kisses reflect the feeling, the hugs manifest the affection and love with the heart.
  • I hope that with each of the phrases I send you, a smile will be drawn on your face.
  • I don't care if I can't be the first in your heart, I want to be the last.
  • You left a void in my heart impossible to fill, and only with you my heart will be full again.
  • When the day comes when death silences my voice, my heart will continue to love only you.
  • I have no idea where this road is going to take us, I just know that I want to travel with you.
  • When I realized that you are a unique person, I understood ... I fell in love with you.
  • We all need a heart to live, but I need you to make it beat.

Words to make your partner fall in love

Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her
Which Words Should Be Said to A Girl for Proposing Her

  • When I think that I love you to the fullest, I discover a new quality of yours, to realize that I was wrong.
  • Don't tell me you love me, unless you really feel it, because I could believe it.
  • I can say without fear of being wrong, that dreams come true, because I always dreamed you and met you.
  • Take care of yourself when you're not with me, because I care so much about you and I don't want to lose you.
  • I have two plans: Plan A: Love us. Plan B: Try to make Plan A forever.
  • When we are farther away, the more I think about you ... And the more I think about you, the closer I feel you.
  • You are such a sweet creature, that from seeing you I gain weight.
  • I would love to be the sun to illuminate your day and the moon to watch your dreams.
  • I would like you to give me the opportunity to show you that at my side you will not miss anyone else.
  • There was a moment when I realized that the best music was to hear your voice, it was at that moment that I understood that I had fallen in love with you.
  • I will never regret loving you and I will never get tired of your kisses. I would enjoy them each of my days.
  • You are in all my dreams every night, and upon waking you are the best gift I can ask for.

Use these words to make your wife or husband fall in love

  • With you I would not dare to play hide and seek, you are such a special woman very difficult to find.
  • I think fate decided to join us, to show me that I can also fall in love
  • It is not my fault that I like you so much, all the fault is yours because you have absolutely everything I love.
  • All I need to be happy is to always have you by my side.
  • You were the only one who saw inside me and I love you, you know me well and that's why I love you.
  • This smile that you like so much, is mine ... But the inspiration to smile is you. I love you.
  • In my heart I have a list of phrases especially for you, because you are the one who occupies a special place in my heart.
  • I want your world to start and end the same, always with me.
  • How happy to know that even after being your wife, during the day I think about you and at night I dream of you.
  • Many things I have lived that I believe I will never forget, but of one I am sure and I will always love you.
  • I adore both your absence and your presence, with your absence I remember the lack you make me and with your presence it confirms how much I love you.
  • After so much time, you're still the reason for my smiles, you're still in my thoughts.
  • I love you very much, because you are the most important and the best thing that has happened, never miss me.
  • What I feel for you is not something physical, it is something that fills my heart.

Words to be said to make a married man fall in love

  • When I miss you, I read again and again all the phrases in our conversations to smile because it makes me remember you.
  • You are the most sincere "I love you" that I have ever said.
  • Tonight I'm going to bed earlier, so I can dream you for more time and dedicate phrases.
  • Every time I see on my Facebook "What are you thinking?", I feel like writing your name.
  • You said goodbye once, but you still don't decide to let go of my hands.
  • Tonight I will kidnap you even in my dreams.
  • I don't have phrases that express everything you make me feel, but I do know that I love you just for me.
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